Friday, March 24, 2017

It is a matter of Trust in President Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just don't see how Donald Trump ever made any money or built that Trump Tower, when looking at this Obamacare 2.0 which is nothing but protecting the Big Insurance Lobby on Wall Street to cherry pick the people with money in cadillac plans as you pay for rich people in the Chamber of Commerce businesses in entitlements, how President Trump prospered when he has so many people who failed and has cost him his entire Presidential momentum.

Katie Walsh coordinated all the meetings and appointments, so she is at fault.

Mike Pence is the one whose responsibility it was to get Paul Ryan to pass Obamacare repeal, so he is at fault.

Reince Priebus, is supposed to be the RNC Chair go to guy in getting all the Congress behind this, so he is at fault.

That HHS Tom Price was supposed to be creating a bill, and he is at fault on that.


Might be pulled...

Trump demands support in do-or-die vote...

Republicans scramble...


Ryan survive?

GOP rep: Once bill passes, lawmakers can 'really explain it'...

Personally for me, if this was my business or if I was President, I would be firing all of the above, blaming Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership for this scam, and demanding new leadership in Congress led by Cathy Rodger or whatever her name is.

So what do we have after the building fell down?

The President threatened Conservatives, who he needs for all the other votes.

The President cut out the Conservatives, who he needs for coup protection.

The President is looking for economic packages now, and all this will be now is Paul Ryan writing checks like Obama for Big Wall Street, as that is all Mr. Trump has in power are Goldman Sachs employees, who nation rape America, and ..........

Mr. Trump does not have any Christians, Loyalists or Americans  with shit on their shoes who have been suffering since HW Bush screwed Americans over, so how is any economic package going to be any different from any Obamcare 2.0 package.

See that is what President Donald Trump does not comprehend in AMERICANS are not automatically trusting him anymore. There is no longer that impulse to believe in his base, but there are now doubts. Momentum has gone, because his Transition Team ruined this Administration by destroying the very People God was working through.

When I was in town this past week, my produce gal spouted off about impeachment if her mother's benefits are cut. David Brock and Obama have been effective in the fake news, and Mr. Trump has been beaten, and he does not know it, as God does not protect and prosper what God has been removed from.

We are looking at a rolling train wreck, in which events now will overtake this Presidency as the Lame Cherry warned, but the message did not go through nor was it heeded, because the Trump Trans stole all the power and thought it was all their doing, and not God's.

The President allowed his base to be lied to by Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. The President chose to threaten on two occasions his base. A Tea Party public which has been screwed over for 35 years knows what this is, and the excuses are stopping for Donald Trump.

In always seeking to help Donald Trump, the Lame Cherry offers this legitimate recourse for President Trump to gain back public trust.

The President sits down in his office and states that this failure is Mike Pence's responsibility and if Pence cares about this Administration, he is going to go out and take responsibility for it, and resign.
Again put that Rodger or Beutler woman as Vice President, attractive women will make people forget failures and Mr. Trump will tell the public that this new VP is in charge and is her responsibility to get Obamacare repealed and Fair Healthcare be the law of the land.

There will have to be a scapegoat in the White House and this is Katie Walsh, fire that leaking backstabber, as she was responsible for all of this in coordination.

Lastly, the vaginal VP, sits down with Rand Paul, Tom Price, the Freedom Caucus and GOP Moderates and Chuck Schumer and Pelosi, and states this:

Healthcare is divided into  two groups, those who can pay and those who can not. Schumer is going to put together a plan based upon Registered Nurses treating people in a cost effective Medicaid based upon the Sean Hannity platform out of Kansas cooperatives, and Rand Paul will include this in his bill.
Everyone gets healthcare, no one is forced to buy  it if they do not choose, this is not a tax and this is not a mandate.
Schumer causes  problems and he gets booted out and blamed.

Get this done in 2 weeks, and non one by April 30th will remember a thing of this disaster of Pence and Ryan.

That is the best counsel you have received in months Mr. President.