Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Electrostatic Generator

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jeff Rense often features a William Tomkins on his radio program who one often has a person scratching their head about his revelations, as he is like the Forest Gump of advanced sciences in he seems to appear in every black operations project America or Gemany had, and if you throw in gorgeous Nordics, it all creates a mystery of making one doubt how authentic it is.
That is until Mr. Rense posts FOIA documents on advanced engines the United States was exploring that literally is Star Trek science.

That is why when other sources confirm sciences of anti gravitational engines, which both Germany and America have, and the science in America began in the 1930's with a Professor Brown, it all begins to make one realize that it is not going to be the Star Trek 23rd century but a Trump 21st century which could bring space travel and abundant resources to all humanity.

What Professor Brown was engaged in, in the 1930's were various applied nature sciences like the great Viktor Schauberger of Austria who created the Nazi Bell. Brown though using his genius and the invention of the day, created a Flame Jet Generator to produce the immense amount of electricity to power his "electronic discs" or what you would call flying saucers.

This part is particularly interesting to me, as a flame jet turbin would be as simple as a particle turbin (Brown discovered a prototype like device in this period, of a electronic tube which he found that moving electricity through it would produce thrust....hence an electronic jet engine without any moving parts.) and how this could progress to particle beam engines or atomic generator engines to produce electricity of immense voltage to power machines to swim through outer space.

While Professor Brown never wrote of this projection, Professor Cherry could visualize a Schauberger vortex engine, creating a vacuum in space in dark matter, pulling a space craft forward and having the miracle of displacing all space debris in front of the vehicle. This is the danger of "Star Trek" type travel as a pebble size object in space, being struck by a space ship would have the dynamic impact of unimaginable energy. For example, an 8 ounce size rock being struck by a space ship moving at 5 times the speed of light is a bit more energy than the displacement of energy of a titanium rod striking the earth at Mach 100, which would produce a nuclear size energy generation.

In Schauberger's vacuum though, a ship would displace all material, like a deflector shield, and the ship and crew would be completely safe, including guarded from gravitational forces.

I digress.

Brown had also formulated a method for generating the required high
voltages for a free-flying disc—the problem that had earlier stymied its
practical  development  into  a  manned  aircraft—by  means  of a  "flame-jet
generator."  This  was  a  jet  engine  modified  to  act  as  an  electrostatic
generator capable  of providing up  to  15  million volts  to the skin  of the
craft.  The Interavia  article,  I  remembered,  had  talked  of trials  involving
3-foot discs run in a 50-foot diameter air course under a charge of 150 kV
"with results so impressive as to be highly classified."
Brown's flying saucer now had a power  source.,0,-103

The point in the above is that just as modern electronic coils have no moving parts, the Brown flame jet could become the Cherry coil, or a device which would literally be self generating electricity to amplify it a billion times or more, in increased "jumps" of the current to form a type of plasma stream.
As the mind of Cherry formulates this, I project out that the Cherry coil would amplify a zero gravity field and vacuum as in the German Bell, and with the Schauberger Vacuum one could move all sorts of interesting objects around like Mars, to bring it closer to the sun, but safe distance from earth to warm the planet. One could heat the interior of Mars as earth through friction movement and add asteroids of atmospheric elements and have an M type planet in a few weeks.

The galaxy is endless as it is spoken of hundreds of millions of earth type planets, but with the Cherry coil, it would not be terraforming planets, but one could literally move planets about to seed them at appropriate distances from stable stars and make designer earths in all of the nearest stars to our system.

As Schauberger had a Bell type device that generated extreme heat or cold, it is possible to transfer earth with her own thermostat to another star if this one ever misbehaved.

Really have to do something about Venus as with her magnetic bursts and hot atmosphere, with a little work, she would polish up to something appropriate too.

This lesson in the electrostatic generator must close as it is not like Hans Klammer is funding my research and I have to be a working girl doing chores with the insights of Solomon.

Someday I will have to do the pyramids.

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