Tuesday, March 28, 2017

GOP Leadership Time for Wall Street But Not Americans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In an amazing dispatch from the White House the President signed into law a bill PASSED BY BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS, without any intrigue or blaming the Freedom Caucus.

What was this  bill?

Why it was for Wall Street in the conglomerates in the Obama regime had put new regulations on the trillion dollar businesses in making them compliant with labor laws.

So you get this, YOU CAN'T BE RESCUED FROM RATIONED DEATH. YOU CAN'T GET YOUR TAXES CUT. YOU CAN'T GET A JOB. YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE AMERICAN DREAM, but Congress' priority was in the only thing it has done is pass a law letting the Wall Street elite out from under labor regulations..........in reference, that means YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED FROM BEING EXPLOITED BY GE, BOEING, MGM, CBS or whatever you are a slave at.

Amazing is it not, that the same old politics repeats.

Perhaps President Trump should have issued a directive that for every law passed for the elite, that Americans get two laws passed for them...........because his cabinet secretaries sure as hell have not been removing any damned regulations on Americans as they are supposed to be doing.

Just the Trumpenfuror and Dummkopf getting to rule out of the West Wing.

Image: President Trump and Chancellor Merkel news conference March 17, 2017

Did the President clear this bill with Ivanka, as it might interfere with giving women more rights, power and money than men, as we could not have that in this neo era of Shylockia ruling the White House.