Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Paul Ryan Did In Obamacare Was DELIBERATE


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This is something that each of you have got to repeat over and over, as you are being conditioned with propaganda that the GOP can not govern, are idiots etc...., when the reality is Paul Ryan tried to create an Obamacare to loot America for his Chamber of Commerce interests with the full intention if it did not work, to smear the Freedom Caucus to destroy them politically as Ryan hates Christian Conservatives.

........and if it did work in being passed, to use this to destroy Donald Trump politically, as Ryan has been ordered and fixated on in ruling the GOP his way, as that is what Ryan was engaged in, in trying to defeat Donald Trump in the election.

Everything Paul Ryan did was deliberate and planned out. It is not as Sean Hannity keeps saying that they had 8 years to plan this and then could not get it done right. PAUL RYAN GOT DONE EXACTLY WHAT HE INTENDED as that is what was written for him and what was produced.

Now the oligarchs have President Trump exactly where they want him, in vulnerable and having to deal with the GOPliters in Congress to turn Donald Trump into Jeb Bush as Obama's 3rd term.

There is war coming, as the CIA in Pompeo, ran a riot operation against Vladimir Putin in Russia, and kept the President in the dark. Events are now designed to overtake President Trump, and all he has left are the manipulators and the inept in his inner circle.
The President is now at war with his base. The Conservative Christians and their political leaders are the focus of this to which the President has been manipulated to.

None of this is by accident. It is all by design, just as certain as the Russian hacking was an inside the US intelligence deep state operation to generate that war with Russia.

President Trump is not receiving the correct input. His cabinet for the most part is very good, but what is revolving around the President is this whirlpool sucking him down to the exact Obama positions to keep America crippled, and the only salvation to cover up all of this embezzling by Obama is a war with Russia.

The Mockingbird has been attempting to divert you, and most of you have been placed in that box of confusion. All you need to know is Paul Ryan did this by design with assistance from Reince Priebus, Katie Walsh and Mike Pence. The President is now exactly where they want him. He has turned to his inept family members in Ivanka and Jared Kushner.
If you observe this manipulation of the President, it is his family that this deep state has chosen to manipulate him, and will carry it to extremes.

The Freedom Caucus has saved the GOP and all Americans for a moment, but this presidency is listing and being dragged to the rocks, to be given only one choice as other Presidents were offered, in war.

It is imperative that the President bring in his Loyalists and Christians to progress every aspect of his agenda, as his cabinet secretaries seem to be frozen in place.

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