Sunday, March 5, 2017

Insider the Trump White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

The Lame Cherry is going to reveal something so it is cut in stone, in I trust President Trump and will not join with those who are making conclusions like Jeff Rense about what is taking place with Donald Trump by external circumstances, but agree that Corey Lewandowski is absolutely correct in President Trump is not being served by his inner circle and they are the reason for the chaos which in leaks are feeding the Obama Bush Pence Ryan impeachment coup against the American President.

No more evidence can be made clear in the story this past week of Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself after fake news  blamed him in the Russian investigation. I did not post on this, except in supporting the President, but I thought at the time how ill advised it was, because when this pack of rat dog fake news rabid political assassins get the taste of blood they go for the kill. IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO STAND YOUR GROUND AND LET THEM FOCUS ON A SUBJECT WHICH NO ONE CARES as in Jeff Sessions in the Russian investigation, or this rat pack will move on to a new smear the next day, chalking up Sessions as a kill.

It now turns out that I was on the same conclusion as President Trump, as there was a soft coup against Jeff Sessions, exactly as Mike Pence performed a soft coup on Mike Flynn to get rid of him, because President Trump was NOT INFORMED of what Sessions was doing in recusing himself, and did not know of it until Mr. Trump was back at the White House.
What a grand day, in the President goes to the USS GERALD R FORD to lay out his policies for an upbeat weekend, and returns to the White House and finds Jeff Sessions hanging from Nancy Pelosi's street lamp.

The President was furious according to reports and he should be. His hiring of Mike Zubke this past week as the message was being lost in the din, was to achieve just that in getting the message on track of Trump accomplishments.
Do I trust the reclusive Zubke? Not in the least, but Zubke is someone who kills salmon and will stay loyal to the devil himself as long as he gets paid, and the President is paying Zubke, so he will do the job.

The problem is though by evidence that Steve Bannon, who vouches for leaker and coup plotter Katie Walsh, and her boss Reince Priebus and the other Katie Walsh gentleman in Jared Kurschner went behind the President's back, and forced Jeff Sessions to recuse himself.
Seriously, a MAJOR decision like this gets run by the President. This group is not Halderman and Ehrlichman in having their shit together, and NO ONE makes a move like that in the White House without the President signing off on it, and yet this group did just that.

We know this to be the fact as the lurkers at the White House caught an animated President Trump giving this bunch absolute hell for forcing Sessions to do this, instead of holding their ground as the President thought was taking place.
We know this to be the fact, because President Trump left the White House, with his grandchildren in each arm, and their parents following in Jared and Ivanka like whipped dogs, and Priebus and Bannon were ordered to get to work all weekend, and removed from the manifest in the Air Force One flight to Florida for the weekend.

I can tell you if this bunch pulled this on Richard Nixon, President Nixon would have fired them on the spot. This is the kind of shit that HW Bush and Don Regan pulled on Ronald Reagan, when the President trusted them.

Of course this story all leaked again, and the culprit was someone who apparently was overridden in Mr. Zubke, as he is leveraging for position inside the inner circle, but this is the story which needs to get out, as the Lame Cherry has been posting about the traitors in the White House for weeks, and here is the prime example of this group ill serving the President and America. One can conclude that the liberal Kurschner's pleaded to force Sessions to this disaster, in order to appease their  carbon tax liberal friends to make President Trump appear more cooperative, as Ivanka and Hope Hicks had done such a wonderful job in "thinking for the President" in rewriting Stephen Miller's speech.
As the Lame Cherry is unloading in this, it is time that this is pointed out that when you have insiders leaking that they rewrote a Presidential speech, it means the President is a chauvinist bumbler so uncouth that being caring would never occur to him.
Yes the exact smears the left has been trying to ruin Donald Trump with for over a year, and there is little Ivanka, Hope Hicks and probably the leaker Katie Walsh affirming all of that for their 15 seconds of fame.
That is what is meant by ill serving the President.

If you notice in this, Mike Pence, the Trump Shadow, was nowhere to be seen in this Oval Office throw down. That is odd as Pence can not stick his nose into enough situations to try to be President. That is important in it points to Pence is the distrusted sinner in this group, and the President has cut Pence out of the loop, or else Pence would have been invited. Now the President simply needs to put these self serving Pelosi assets on the chopping block and replace them, as this group has done nothing but damage President Trump.

For these pompous self serving assholes, and that is what the name is for them is assholes, to undermine President Trump and undermine Jeff Sessions, for Al Franken and the Obama coup plotters is without remedy. First instinct in all of this is that you never make a decision of this kind of magnitude without consulting the President, but in the long list of Christians and Loyalists this group has been lopping the heads off of from Corey Lewandowski to the Trump Trans, putting into place thee most loathsome #NeverTrumpers, the continuous betrayal of the President came easy, as why on earth ask President Trump what he would do, as they were writing his speeches for him any way.

This is why the Lame Cherry counseled that Ivanka Trump needed a keeper in Elizabeth Dole to keep her out of trouble and it is why this blog stated that Pat Buchanan be brought in for a few hours a day to monitor these brats to keep these events from taking place, as Mr. Buchanan served Nixon and Reagan, and he knows how to step things back and craft the best solution.

The best news is, Mike Pence is hopefully now distrusted. The best news is that Bannon, Hicks, Priebus and Walsh are one cock up from being fired, as the President has taken notice of this group now making a disaster of his hard work for the week.

With this closing thought, Jeff Sessions is fed to the Obama Bush wolves, and Donald Trump's own kid doesn't text him Session's head is on Pelosi's mantel.

Priebus and Bannon were planning to join the trip, but suddenly after the president's eruption those plans changed. One source said both men volunteered to stay behind in Washington, with another source saying the president seemed to concur that they should.
As President Trump was in the air aboard Marine One headed for Air Force One on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews, a last-minute phone call was made from the West Wing to the team on board the president’s plane with a directive to remove Priebus and Bannon from the manifest, sources said. They would not be coming to the Sunshine State.