Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thank You Secretary Ryan Zinke


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reading Twitter responses to Sec. of Interior Ryan Zinke's riding a horse to work, a working horse of the hunting breeds with the Park Police who protect America, the liberals revealed again how disconnected they are to Trump America in mocking this and thinking it was brilliant to ask where one parks a horse.

Sec. Zinke was talking to America, the real America, West of the Mississippi River in acknowledging the Western Heritage of John Wayne America. That is what the horse is the symbol of in the Secretary telling everyone from the Bundy's to people who operate businesses that depended on federal lands, that DC has heard them and is not going to forget them or trample on them ever.

As it has been featured here, the Lame Cherry was at the forefront of demanding a repeal of the Obama regime's last act which literally outlawed gun and ammunition in most of the West in the last hours of that horrid regime, by banning lead. People who had fishing lures have been literally criminalized if they had them on their person on an grazing or forestry lands since January, and could be imprisoned and fined.

I contacted Interior and their spokesgal forwarded the mail to US Fish and Wildlife, and they of course refused to respond. I contacted Congressmen and they kicked the ball down the road. It was not until Secretary Zinke took office, that the first thing he did like Donald Trump was removing that dictator mandate and went further in opening up our Western lands again to each of you being able to hike on those lands again.
For those who were unaware, the Obama regime was closing trails all across the West in banning Americans from using those lands which are their property.

Ryan Zinke was speaking to Western America today in informing them they are not going to be wiped out like LaVoy Finicum by Big East, West Coast or Wall Street establishment. He was telling the world that the Park Police are there to protect Americans from crime and terrorism, and not to murder Americans. That message is powerful and of course was lost on liberals, but those who are Americans heard loud and clear that America for the first time since Ray Arnette was in the Reagan White House, that we have a representative in Interior who knows what the situation is in the West and people from Indians to Americans are going to be heard.

Now to expand this for EPA to authorize chemicals and Interior to reinstate the use of chemical poisons to kill large predators on their properties, in getting this situation back to a point where Interior is prospering good wildlife, hunting, fishing, trapping, land use and grazing, instead of criminalizing Americans

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