Thursday, March 16, 2017

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President Trump needs a J.  Edgar Hoover to Restore Civility in America


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Polite conversation does not belong with a kick the head. It requires yelling.

- Lame Cherry

I was thinking about the two Homeland Security agents who appeared on my doorstep for an interview this past August in how they were very professional, very well trained and made The Closer look  like  a school girl in interrogation techniques.
They were very focused and focused on their job of protecting the American System as that is their training. It is why the Yul Brenner one asked me if I was anti Government and I said I was not.

I am certain I was recorded because they had an official 2 way radio, and perhaps we had an audience. It is a point that a great deal of resources were expended on me, because I was trying to protect America, and infighting in the Obama regime New York office of the FBI is what generated the interview, as the FBI wanted to know why they were being cut out of an operation by the regime.

Law enforcement in America has a great burden now in they are conditioned to view Americans as adversaries, have Obama cults attacking them, have a psychological profiling system that puts into place those candidates who follow orders and rough people up first, which makes things very hard on the other law enforcement who have natural inclinations to protect and serve.

In all of this, Kristin Tate on The Hill wrote a very polite piece concerning how accepted it is now to threaten President Donald Trump. I have noted that twice before in American politics a toxic political group, with financial backing and a corrupt press engaged in political assassination.
The first was Jefferson and Madison in poison pen Democrats going after Federalist Republican Alexander Hamilton. The net result there was Hamilton was murdered by Vice President Aaron Burr.
The second was in Teddy Roosevelt challenging the establishment GOP as a 3rd party Bull Moose ticket, where the press convinced unbalanced minds that Teddy was a threat, and one of them hunted the former President down and shot him.

The time to be polite about this Obama Clinton Bush coup against President Trump, which involved illegal election tampering, wiretapping, initiating in using the courts, the Congress, media, NGO's and entertainment to carry out an insurrection in America against President Trump and the American majority.

This is high treason and being polite about it in not stating that every one of these perpetrators must be indicted by Grand Juries and face a Tribunal for these high crimes, is only like Muslims giving refuge to terrorists who are doing the violence all Islam desires to bring about the ends to justify the means.

It requires stating that those behind this speak of Civil Transfer of Power, and resorted to absolute violence and deceit.

It require being stated that while they make Maxine Waters professions about impeachment, that the Snoop  Dog message is designed to send a message to the myriad of Obama psychotics to the act of murder.

The image Obama as  do the Clintons and Bushs know, as much as John McCain, that what they are doing is goading millions of psychotic, snowflake, dope crazed individuals to begin thinking about doing what Snoop Dog did on screen.

Have you witnessed one of these traitors or terrorists prosecuted since people were endangered in Chicago? No, but you have witnessed the courts joining in deliberately attacking President Trump on stopping refugee flow, by the new nuttery of placing religious protection from the American Constitution on non American  Muslims trying to invade and terrorize America from the Mideast.
The US Constitution is for Americans IN AMERICA..

The Lame Cherry has advocated from the start that President Trump needs a Praetorian Guard and an Internal Affairs to protect him, his family and his Administration.  You must understand that a Secret Service Agent nor FBI Agent  can just show up at Snoop Dog or Rosie O'Donnell's or John McCain's door. There is a chain of command and that chain of command has no one at the top who will protect the President in arresting these conspirators.
For those who were not around when Lawrence Sinclair was attacked by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the police state, Mr. Sinclair was threatened with death several times, reported it to the FBI, and the Agents appeared and did absolutely nothing, because their Superiors  had stand down orders.

My greatest concern in  all of this is that this will come to a time when all of this violent speech against the President will produce the effect that the above desire, and only then will a crackdown come. But look at Ronald Reagan in his assassin is walking free and those who conspired against John Kennedy were never tried.
In that, the most probable scenario will be the extended family will be the target and then these traitors will scurry or post a few "We never wanted this", and none of those words will take back exactly what all of this is about, and is politely being not said.  There are coup plotters inside and outside the White House who espouse impeachment, but know perfectly sick that they are stoking psychotics who will act out in violence. That is a criminal conspiracy and it requires law enforcement to eradicate it.

The President has the authority to order a JAG and military police to investigate for him and to protect him, because he is Commander in Chief. The President has full authority to create an Internal Affairs for the White House.
The President as Civilian Law Enforcement Chief has all authority to create a new law enforcement division, exactly as the FBI was created.

The Bureau of Investigation (BOI) was created on July 26, 1908, after the Congress had adjourned for the summer. Attorney General Bonaparte, using Department of Justice expense funds, hired thirty-four people, including some veterans of the Secret Service, to work for a new investigative agency. Its first "Chief" (the title is now known as "Director") was Stanley Finch. Bonaparte notified the Congress of these actions in December 1908.

You can not tell me that there are not thousands of Law Enforcement Officers who would work for nothing, in no Congressional funds would be needed, in order to Protect the President and make America Great Again.

It is a matter that those insurrectionists like Reince Priebus, Mike Pence and Katie Walsh have not brought this up to the President, as the IA would be investigating them and throwing them into prison. The fact is, the President has full authority to create a Military Guard and an Internal Affairs which answers only to him.

It is time we all stop being polite and face the reality of what these coup plotters are engaged in, as it is illegal, criminal and it is intended to spread to violence where some lone nut will be blamed as the colluders congratulate themselves in getting away with blood on someone elses hands again.

Apparently though it is all a joke to those who are responsible for keeping Donald Trump III safe.

A source with knowledge of the information tells Mother Jones that two Secret Service agents who were assigned to protect Donald Trump III, President Donald Trump's grandson, took selfies with the eight-year-old while he was sleeping. The incident is now under investigation.
The source was clear that the agents were not under investigation for criminal behavior; rather, this investigation is about the agents abandoning their post while charged with protecting the grandson of the president.
The incident took place last weekend when the two agents, who were assigned to protect Trump III, were driving him from Westchester County, New York, where the Trump family has an estate, to Manhattan. Trump III was sleeping in the car when the agents began to take selfies with him while he was still asleep. Trump III woke up and, as the source framed it, "freaked out." Upon return to Manhattan, he shared the experience with his mother, Vanessa Trump, who relayed her concerns to his father, Donald Trump Jr. The issue was quickly escalated to top management of the Secret Service. The two agents were ordered to report to the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility in Washington, DC.

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