Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time for Team Trump to Sue Joe Scarborough

In another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading a piece at the Washington Times on Mika Scarborough or Mourning Joe being fag tough in protecting lezbo Rachel Maddow, after ruining fake news in proving that Donald Trump pays a whopping amount in taxes.
(I am going to side note in this, in  I would warn those taunting Mr. Trump about Obama wiretapping to back off big time, because Mr. Trump could have released his taxes proving he paid almost 30 million dollars in one year, but instead chose to let liberals chew on it, because Donald Trump will not be goaded even to stop a fight.)

What Joe Scarborough descended to was a Twitter war against President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. In the situations where I have heard Mr. Cohen on Hannity, I really like this guy as he can BS with the best and can tell stories on himself in spilling drinks on Mr. Trump's jet and Mr. Trump chewing him out for it.

That is why when Joe Scarborough goes Red Scare Smear against Michael Cohen, I do not know if Mr. Cohen missed the Tweet or understood the context but Joe Scarborough called Mr. Cohen, "COMRADE".

Cohen, about an hour later, shot back just that message at Scarborough on Twitter: “@JoeNBC As #potus @realDonaldTrump personal attorney, I know who has his taxes. You better have proof to back up your claim and big mouth!”
Scarborough, no doubt feeling the heat generated by Maddow’s foolishness of the night before, shot back a half hour later: “Sorry, Comrade.

The Sorry Comrade smear is huge, because Michael Cohen was the original person who was targeted by the Obama Clinton Bush investigation of the FBI on Trump Staff, as Michael Cohen was listed in the MI6 dossier to have been in eastern Europe for a meeting with Russians.
Mr. Trump asked Mr. Cohen about this, and Mr. Cohen produced his passport and it proved that Mr. Cohen had not been out of the country.

In legal terms, Joe Scarborough just criminally smeared Michael Cohen  as a RUSSIAN AGENT. That is a libelous charge and if  proven it is criminal. This has besmirched the reputation of Mr. Cohen and Mr. Cohen is legally protected to seek in civil court restitution for this attack.

This is a billion dollar lawsuit against NBC and Joe Scarborough. After the inciting remarks of Mika Brzezsinki on this same program against the President, his staff and the American People. This is organized fake news and beyond Mr. Cohen's case against Joe Scarborough, Attorney General Jeff Sessions in this Maddowgate needs to probe in a grand jury, just what Joe Scarborough was shown in Obama classified intelligence concerning the wiretapping against the Trump Staff to repeat that "Sorry Comrade" smear.

The Trump family is quite adept at suing everything that moves to protect itself. It is time that Michael Cohen hit the deep pockets of NBC and General Electric for all they are worth, because in this Russian Hacking fake news, these smears are McCarthyite in proportions.

Michael Cohen and a pro Trump voting New York Jury need to make NBC and Scarborough pay.

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