Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Maybe Peroxide Helps In Not Burning Up The Bride


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a recent report, I just read that Hindu or Muslim in the Obama 3rd world have to pay a dowry to get rid of their worthless girl children to be sexed by their husbands. The problem is that these creatures are pouring into America yet under President Trump, and in India, the husbands frequently set fire to their wives after a few weeks of sex, or poison them, douse them with explosive oven fuel or find other ways of getting widowhood, because the women do not bring in a motorbike in the dowry, which is apparently the in thing in 3rd world marriages.

In India, there is apparently a bill now in one region to stop the dowry payments at 10,000 rupee, which is like 150 bucks American, as this is going on all over the place in Muslim lands, including Iran.

I wonder how much money Mike Cernovich got paid in his wife's dowry. Must have included a motorbike as he seems really happy, but then again she is a Persian babe, gorgeous as the dawn, flowering almond blossom, kissed with dew...........yes I write really good Persian Haiku in what the Korean would call the "wind song".

Any way this is about burning up women and not poetry.

I was thinking that maybe the problem is that hydrogen peroxide would settle all of his. Look at Ivanka or Evangka Tump as that foreign bred host calls her, pulled in with Jared Kushner in changing her hair color.
The Chicoms gave the Kushner relatives 400 million dollars for a 7.2 billion dollar deal. Saved he whole Shylock mafia with that one, and it was all due to Ivanka.
As Ivanka has been spending our money on promoting women over men, I think we should add that all of these women getting government hand outs, get a bottle of peroxide so they can be bottle blonde too. Same deal with these dark haired girls in the 3rd world if they do not look like Mrs. Wind Song Cernovich.

Make them all blondes, and then these Muslims will not be torching the girls for not bringing in the cash like Ivanka, but instead will wait around a few years for the big Chicom payday.

Look at that adopted Obama daughter. She has gone blonde, as no one wants a black chic even in Snoop Dog world. When you go shopping for the mate, you got to go blonde..........unless of course you are as gorgeous as Mrs. Cernovich.

Look at the trouble Huma Abedin caused in not going blonde. Sure she can pick Hillary grey and blonde out of her teeth all she wants, but  the FBI is only going after dark haired folks in this investigation and the blondes are walking........even the ugly blondes like Chelsea.

So I say Warren Buffett who has tons of chemical toxin plants in Asia, just needs to set up a peroxide dip for women over there, and that will solve most of these dowry problems, as Ivanka Trump has proven when you are not a Mrs. Wind Song Cernovich, you got to go to the bottle to earn your keep.


We simply can not wait for the Muslims and Hindus to nuclear vaporize each other in a few years, and must save these women from petrol vaporization for that time, and the best way is to make them all blondes, as we can not expect Bill Gates to polio all these kids to death.

Ivanka is proof as Jared never torched her. His family just sold her for 400 million dollars, as that is the proper use of women in liberal America.

That Ivanka is like the Pele of Peroxide.

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