Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Microwaves into Cameras

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The only exposure I have ever had to Stephen Colbert is commercials on CBS when Mom has on a soap opera, which means his great rated show has horrid ratings or they would not be running ads for it, and from those few moments, he is not an entertaining or funny man.

I do not make it a purpose in life to defend Kellyanne Conway as she has a woman who snubbed me and showing up like Steve Bannon when Donald Trump was going to win by God's Grace, does not make you an expert on anything, but when these liberals smear her for a statement about microwaves turning into cameras, it has to be dealt with, because microwaves do indeed turn into cameras.

We are not speaking directly about a microwave oven, but the microwaves which the DIA and NSA utilize for everything from radar to painting and reprogramming computers.
As an example Charles R. Smith, who should have been hired by Trump  Trans, noted that a Naval base in America one day had all of their car alarms trigger, because a microwave burst swept through the area.

While everything is Russian hacking and programs, what is lost is the NSA and CIA since bin Laden's first appearance were using cell phones in their echo off of voices during transmission to "paint" pictures of the room and objects in it.

A microwave is a micro  wave or a miniature wave, and being a short wave, it can bounce off of anything and when received back, it will produce a radar image.
There are methods of removing the safety barriers on a microwave which will weaponize them in giving people tremendous headaches to burning them, through walls.

In theory with a cell phone and a microwave turned on, a displace could be created in the feedback through the cell phone.

So Kellyanne Conway has been informed that microwaves can be turned into cameras, but she mistook the oven for the actual radar sweeps which I have dealt with a number of times, including infrared sweeps which paint houses, and turn televisions on and off.

The on and off is the part as microwaves are used to turn computer and cell phone cameras on and off if access is denied in other measures.

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.........and yes the NSA can come in on normal electrical 120 volt wiring into your home and gain intelligence, and a microwave which listens to your commands, can be used as a receiver to listen to your conversations.

Unless of course the South Korean CIA backed LG is turning out television screens on fridges and microwaves.........then of course Kellyanne Conway was absolutely right in the intelligence she heard. Problem is the same IC assests who wrote the script for Colbert are probably the same group who has been collecting the data through this billion dollar program, as research and development as a cover to create these systems to spy on everyone, especially the rich or placing them in the homes and hotels of the rich for easy espionage to trade secrets, does have to be protected.

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So the fact is Kellyanne Conway heard this from someone in intelligence in passing, and probably was not supposed to pass that information along.

So Kellyanne was correct.