Saturday, March 11, 2017

Order of the Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Class is what is missing in American politics, and it is no more evident than Queen Liz giving out orders or garters to her hair dresser for like two decades worth of loyalty and service. It saves on tips I suppose.

In that, Reince Priebus and Mike Pence have shoved numbers of Trump Loyalists and Christians under the bus in betrayal as they appoint their people, even though President Trump directed Priebus to take care of his people. In this, the Lame Cherry, always looking to serve the President, has arrived at the conclusion, since Obama handed out awards to traitors like he got Nobel Prizes, that President Trump should begin his own order like Queen Victoria. I call it the Order of the Don.

It is all pretty basic in the following:

Say for example you are a teacher who thinks showing up for work is heroic, and Ivanka's New York liberals croon about that. Those people get the Order of Ivanka, which is a garter, sprayed with her perfume, in a nice cedar presentation case.

If someone really does something American, then they get a garter with silver or gold trim, sprayed with 10 dollar an ounce Ivanka perfume. I really do not know what silver and gold would  be....maybe silver could be if you did not leak to the press, and gold could be if you were a liberal who showed up to work and worked, instead of pawning off your job onto some single woman because you had kids going to some sporting event.$_35.JPG?set_id=2

Next up is the Order of the Eric. That would be a US Cavalry hat with gold braid. People would get that for doing good works. They would get a gold American eagle pin for the hat if they did really good works, like being Christians who organized the Trump turn out and overcame the fraud data mining vote suppression.

Next we have the Order of the D 9, for Don jr. This would be a matched set of Colt 45 matched pistols. You would have to do something pretty brass tacks to get that set of pistols like Patton had, and it would be really American if you got the real ivory grip set for being a hero in putting your life on the line.

Lastly, we have the Order of the Baron. Now sister this is a saber with scabbard, and I tell you it is easier to get a Congressional Medal of Honor than to get the Order of the Baron. You would probably have to be Jesus to get the Order of the Baron with gold handle as that is the top notch Order of the Don, as you got to earn that, impress the President and Baron, and impress the First Lady enough for her to want to hang around and present this high honor to you.

So that is it, President Trump needs his own Order of the Republic, the Order of the Don, something for Americans to strive for in you just do not get these things for showing up, but you actually have to accomplish something or survive cobra venom, a tiger eating your head off while thwarting some attack on America.

With that solved, I can now return to lesser things.