Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Unmerry Go Round

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On forensic psychological terms, I understand why liberals are always angry and outraged, but on a human side I just can not comprehend it.
In the following, I focus on Alec Baldwin and Ashley Judd, as they are some of the most vocal advocates for what they perceive is something making them feel less secure in President Donald Trump, but when I look at their lives I wonder why Donald Trump matters to them.

Alec Baldwin is currently married to a gorgeous woman, who loves him. He has three small children who are healthy and handsome. Mr. Baldwin is a handsome man.
He is talented in acting and is a good political speaker. He has earned a fortune for his abilities, nothing is out of his normal financial reach, and if he calls up Bill Maher, Mr. Maher will answer his call as much as Mika Brzezinski and I am sure that even image Obama and Hillary Clinton would return his call.

In earthly terms he has it all and that is supposed to bring a contentment to a man with this much going for him, so it does make me sad that with all the wonder he has in life, that he wastes his time on something like Saturday Night Live in Lorne Michaels, and is not doing some kind of Baldwin Brother's theater, where they would act out some of the legendary works of Hitchcock etc... like television used to in the golden era.

The same is with Ashley Judd. Sure her marriage failed to a foreigner, but she is attractive, has accomplishments as a career, and has healthy children who love her.
That is why to be so outraged to not realize she is being used in a "nasty woman" image which will forever follow her to the embarrassment of her family is something that I do feel sorry for her. She thought she was setting some standard, and all she was, was like Hanoi Jane posing on a gun that killed Americans in North Vietnam.

I do not take any of the self destruction of liberals with satisfaction, because they are all lives that God intended for good. It does not matter how people misuse the gift of this life in their choices, but it does matter when they are destroying themselves.
God did not promise anyone happiness, but you do have joy in a relationship with God.

Liberals would point to the "screeds" which people made against image Obama, and that is correct and the Birthers have been proven absolutely correct in everything about Obama, but the fact is if Barack Obama would show some class in just acting like what American Presidents out of office used to act like, no one would care what the image of Obama ever did.
Should it not dawn on people who put their trust in Obama Clinton Carter, that with men and women so weak, who have to keep trying to hang onto power after leaving office, that something is wrong with them and they were nothing to be trusted in the first place?
Like numbers on the right, I have had it with HW Bush and W Bush meddling in our elections in colluding with the Clintons. John McCain and Mitt Romney were rejected by Americans that they should get the message.
America should be a place like Richard Nixon, driven from office, but quietly worked behind the scenes to help Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton on foreign policy success. Mr. Nixon was rewarded for that fidelity in his funeral in a nation poured out to honor him. He was not leading coups nor tearing down, but sought ways to help America.
Of course it was self motivated to repair his legacy, but everyone does things for self driven reasons, and in Mr. Nixon's case it was for good and not self destruction.

I would that a Rosie O'Donnell were free, as she is another rich person, with children she has purchased for happiness, but she is not happy and her entire world is obsessed with President Donald Trump, which is not sound. She has gone after the President's child and spent the State of the Union out in the rain, thinking that would make a difference, and it did nothing to end her compulsion as what is inside of her, is like all of these people is not a base in God's Peace, but she was lured in by politicians to place her security in a Hillary Clinton, to a point of phobia that if their person is not in power, they are helpless.

None of that exposure is to ridicule any of these people on the left, but is to explain and I hold out hope they would be able to release themselves from their self destruction. I would that they would be able to enjoy the life that their work earned for them, and not feel guilty. They are not God or a god, and they are not responsible for human suffering and they can never end it. It simply is a condition of humanity, and the best any of us can do is be caring to those around us who are not a danger to them.

I received a well intentioned letter from a reader who wanted to be accepted to validate themselves, but instead insulted me and then stated they hoped I liked it. Before I had this job God led me to, I wrote to people too, and most ignored me as no one really answers their mail who are celebrity. I am one of the few who reads and helps when I can, and I always regret doing it. The point is my bitch slapping this person to educate them as I often do to set an example, did not happen this time, as people choose their ignorance and misquoting Scripture and I am not responsible for their ignorance or sin.
People who are moved to damage me in ignorance repeat the process of then blaming me, and I will not repeat the cycle, and I honestly would hope that everyone on the right and left, would just enjoy the life they have while they can, because time is running out.

It is obvious that the choices the rich have made are not making them happy. The choices I made in being a child of Christ have brought me misery and attention. I have been made a target and have been smeared. If I was rich, I would have found my Garcia reel with Berkley Cherrywood rod, and I would go fishing and the world could spiral to Armageddon as I do not care. I though am stuck with more responsibility than I ever wanted and a weight that I walked away from years ago, but now have it all back again as here am I the  best for this job at this time.

Ranting about tampons, standing in the rain, misquoting Scripture or impersonating Donald Trump is not going to change the time line, but drive it forward to its Great Tribulation end, as it is the negative which is being amplified.

I would that all liberals could have Christ's Peace and that they could stop being afraid, to know that the world can not be saved, but that Christ Will save those who answer His call. I know it is easy, and that there is no fight in this to vent on to work through the frustrations and fears, and that you just have to step off the horrid unmerry go round of self destruction, and get some peace.

All of these people will find, but not face, that Barack Obama giving them all they desired did not make them happy and they are furious over that, and they will find that if President Trump was not there, they would have to find someone else to hate, because the same flawed person is whispering to them every moment of the day that knows who they really are.

I would that Alec Baldwin would look at his current work, and realize that he does not want his children and  grandchildren seeing this as their public vision of their father and grandfather. Nor does Ashley Judd's family or Rosie O'Donnell's family.
I would that they would understand that if they left this world tonight, that the world would still keep on spinning and nothing would stop, as people are stuck living their lives, and they move on. It is only love that carries on in giving peace to children as Sean Penn is an example of a child still driven by his parent's turmoil and when was the last time you ever heard of John Wayne's children in negative contexts.

It will not change in what is, and being sad for liberals who have every thing that Solomon had, is not going to change that, but I would that they were happy as what they have done, and are still doing is not making them happy, and to realize that everyone is unhappy most of the time, is nothing to waste the life you were given over, because if it was, Russians would have given up the ghost long ago in their lifetimes of misery.

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