Monday, March 13, 2017

Ordering an Ivanka World with Other People's Money and Lives

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you know why they used mules and oxen in the American west and not horses?

It is because oxen and mules could survive without extra grain and could the extra miles without water than horses.

When your life is on the line, the natural order can be violated for prejudices like pretty ponies, but in the end your horses die and so do you.

Do you know where Irish Setters come from?

They came from English breeders who started off with red and white dogs, dogs which would not hunt, dogs which were vicious, and these breeders knocked every pup in the head which would not hunt, obey, or did not look like an Irish Setter.

Do you know where you came from as an American?

You should, because all of those lush trees and grasses, along your roads are fertilized by the corpses of children, the weak, the sick and the old, in a natural selection which produced a vigorous, healthy, industrious work force, which birthed each of you to a life of warriors and workers who are not the Mexican living in shit, eating their shit and covered in shit.

Natural Selection is the survival of the fittest. Why did NASA only choose intelligent, tested, physical males and not some fat thing like Rosie O'Donnell?

That is why the Lame Cherry is confused why a cut throat industrialist like Donald Trump, who used every muscle in every way to leverage a world where an Ivanka can now sit and give orders, has undertaken spending the money earned by people who are enslaved by debt for women, who were not vigorous, aggressive nor capable enough to take their place in the schooling or the work force by their ingenuity, guile or cunning, and instead are now promoted over males whose place it is natural to lead, by rigging the system for underachieving females.

  1. Proud to support the signing of H.R. 321 & 255. in STEM fields is vital to innovation and workforce development.

Do you think the Russians or the Chinese are promoting females who are not cut throat bitches, or are they offering positions of authority and power to women who need Ivanka Trump to open the door for them with taxpayer funds........confiscated from working people.

I believe it was a Playboy article in 1984 which made the point that Afroids in America fill American prisons, because women took their jobs, and all that was left was crime. Is it life, liberty and happiness for a woman to take a job from an Afroid?

Davy Crockett once had a constituent tell him off, over spending money on some disaster someplace, because everyone would then want a hand out in the rain falling on the good and the bad. Somehow that is all lost now as the very liberal Ivanka Trump is sowing even more inferior genes into American industry which is one of the chief reasons America is the sheeple it has become.

Women with the vote, and what have we achieved? World War I killed off numbers of males and in 1920 women achieved the vote, and in their compassion gave America communist FDR, the bankrupt social state and society of perversion and the foreigner Obama. The death of America came not from the female womb, but the feminine idea of compassion.

Why is it that men never have one program to promote their achievement, but only have programs and laws to hinder them..........50 years of this and Ivanka Trump wants more money and laws persecuting the male in society.

When a woman can not achieve of her own ability and volition a place at the table, then that woman does not belong there, no more than a man or a monkey.

I personally have had it with racists destroying America with their Designer Negro Obama and now we have Ivanka Trump destroying America more in her female prejudice. Skin color is no reason to hire anyone, no more than their genitals. It is about ABILITY, ABILITY, ABILITY.

Yes we can all stand around and clap now with smiles in how much we support women, as the vigorous races make people achieve their station in life, having won it.

Ivanka  Trump is against slavery, and yet it is her voting which created Obama and the American debt slave class as millions of 3rd world vermin pour into civilized society because it is all caring as she sits behind her Ivory Tower and daddy's billion as the husband's family made their fortune exploiting people in renting housing to them, so they could not afford homes.

It is always about fixing things, because they never take responsibility for destroying the natural order, because they perceive only their need.

In 1963, Lyndon Johnson had his caring war against poverty, and would not allow the military to fight a war in Vietnam, because he neither had the money nor the political will to fend off the blood and guts of war. No one cared about the 65,000 dead poor males in that war lotteried out of existence for feminism, and here is Ivanka Trump not working to end rationed death in Obamacare, tax cuts for the working, not even ending strife with Russia, but she is spending a fortune, not her or her husband's money on "fixing" violations of the natural order from more fixing of that order.

Does anyone think for a moment that Ivanka Trump would be where she is without her father or grandfather? Would Jared Kurschner stuck his dick in her with Jew vows if she was Ivanka Drumpf, who never had a door opened for her, because her name was Trump, as the world is filled with diplomas in unemployment.

Yes let us sign more bills and spend more money to tell women who hate science to take that up as a career, displacing more males who have natural ability, so they can get underpaying jobs, raise sickly children who have no morals because daddy is working a second job, because that is the way we fix things in America.

I doubt anyone named Lame Cherry stood up and asked the President what the hell right his daughter has to my money and the jobs of men, just because she  thinks that is the way you fix things, in brainwashing women into vocations the majority of them have absolutely no interest in at all.