Monday, March 13, 2017

Saudi owned and Russian leveraged American Oil

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry explained in an expose', Saudi Arabia via CITIBANK owns most of the oil production in America via loans to cash strapped American businesses.

Now word comes that PDVSA, Venezuelan Oil, in that Chavez cesspool of Obama community organized debt, owns CITIGO which is a subsidiary, and an American company, and that Vladimir  Putin's closest friend and oil ally, ROSNEFT loaned the Venezuelans 1.5 billion dollars in November for a 49.9% stake in CITIGO if PDVSA defaults.

Do you think it is past time in this, that the Obama Saudi oil war on Russia is pointed out to be a disaster, as all it did was create a reality where Russia owns half of one of the premier oil companies in America, and as the laughing Russians are now bemusing themselves over, Russian oil will be drilling and pumping oil in Texas, and selling Americans their own oil.

The truth is that sanctions (and counter sanctions) might have saved the Russian economy. Struggling with rock bottom oil prices, Russia found salvation in its manufacting and agricultural industries, which were underdeveloped but highly competitive do to the devaled ruble. The tired cliche about Russia being "a giant gas station" (hat tip to John McCain) was always a childish exaggeration. But before the sanctions (and counter sanctions), Russia really was underperforming in terms of agricultural and manufacting output.
The sanctions essentially forced innovation and investment in these industries — with spectacular results.

Do you think it is past time that President Donald Trump make peace with Russia, rid himself of the Russophobes and acquire some people who actually are aware of how precarious all of this is in America has been looted and is owned by foreigners from top to bottom?

This all could have been so easy in following the Lame Cherry counsel in making peace with Russia the priority in solving 90% of American domestic and foreign policy, but instead the Obama Clinton Bush coup, antagonized Russia, and in turn moved President Trump into a hard line stance with Moscow, which only exposes how weak the American policy is.

Yes another story I doubt any of you have heard about in this great American feel good recovery preparing for nuclear war with Eurasia.

What happens when Russia moves "security" into America to protect it's oil fields in Texas eh as a Putin Push Back?

"Despite the sanctions that were imposed on a number of our companies, our oil and gas sector has managed not only to overcome the difficulties but even to demonstrate positive dynamics. In the past two years, Russia’s oil output has gone up by 400,000 barrels," he said.