Monday, March 20, 2017

President Trump time to end Poison Beef from Brazil

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry was thee only media source which alerted the public to the poisonous importation of Brazilian beef, Lame Cherry has been proven right again.

BAD BEEF: Brazil president meets ministers, ambassadors over rotten meat crisis...

PR campaign...

As President Trump has triumphed over protectionism of American industries it is paramount that the Obama regime's poisoning of the American food supply be immediately rolled back in banning the import of Brazilian beef.

This is a matter of utmost importance, because since Obama made war on Western Beef Ranchers, their prices have dropped 1 dollar in the past 18 months per pound, and if consumers care to check with this cheap Brazilian beef, the packers are still gouging the American public in inflated prices, on cheaper imports.

This was a direct attack on Trump supporters  to bankrupt them as much as the coal industry.

Beef producers say Obama is trying to kill their industry ...

A panel of nutrition experts recruited by the Obama administration to craft the newest dietary guidelines ... Beef producers say Obama is trying to ...

The Lame Cherry also featured the problem of toxic fish from Asia, especially Vietnam which TPP being neutralized has stopped, but the catfish producers in America must have their concerns addressed, as Americans create safe and healthy meat products for American consumers, and have been greatly financially harmed by this Obama regime's criminal cronyism.

It is time the American beef ranchers be protected from all of these attacks upon them from the BLM land confiscation as in the Bundy issue and the issue of Canadian box beef imports depressing United States prices, but making a fortune for Canadian industries.

Let Ivanka and Justin Trudeau grin over explaining that in Trump Steaks were undercut by foreign beef and destroyed Donald Trump's franchise of American products.

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