Monday, March 20, 2017

The Protection for Presidential Assassins

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Some of you might  remember the Hillary Clinton traitor who was employed at the Secret Service in heading the Denver Office in this Kerry O'Grady, who wouldn't take a bullet for Donald Trump. Now though after 3 and half months of stalling by the Secret Service management, something else has arisen in her "removal" in that this woman is not gone at all.

Think if you threatened the President or if you had engaged in some foul statements about your boss being murdered, you would either be arrested or fired in two seconds. Not Kerry O'Grady though, because she has the entire US Regime protecting her, and it is COSTING YOU MONEY and the entire process is designed to have her hide out at Homeland, so she can get retirement and increase that 20 trillion dollar Obama debt.
Just think about that in she is not only protected, but you are going to pay for her cushy retirement.

It all revolves around the Merit Systems Protection Board, created by that heinous Jimmy Carter, in protecting the dregs of government from being fired for being worthless or a danger.

There are complaints that the MSPB has gone far beyond protecting civil servants from unjustified disciplinary action. Rather, critics allege, the MSPB now makes it nearly impossible to fire poor performers or problematic employees, even when they have committed egregious violations that would result in immediate termination in the private sector. According to the CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, "There is no question that taxpayers are losing hundreds of millions of dollars, in a conservative estimate. They are losing more than that because they are losing the ability to get the very best out of government.

Could you imagine your being fired, and telling your boss you just threatened, "Sorry there bub, I am staying, going to file a complaint against you, be heard, and when it is all said and done with, I am moving to another job in the company and retiring in style.

It is past time, that this months and years of these regime employees just face termination like all other people do in this world. I mean Nom de Deus, there were 16,000 complaints filed and heard in 2015. Do you realize the personnel need to be paid to investigate and deal with this kind of paperwork? President Trump is moving to cut agencies, and in certainty, this MSPB is a department which must be ended immediately.

U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board is the official web site for the United States Merit Systems Protection Board

It is time for every Kerry O'Grady to face a new reality, that they took Government employment, took our money and did not do their job. So therefore they owe Americans those salaries back at over 100,000 dollars per year.
It is time America starts foreclosing on these treacherous ilk's properties and assets, as they never earned what they were paid for and instead betrayed America.

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