Thursday, March 2, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Thankfully, Senator Al Franken and Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrats grilled nominee Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearings about his knowledge of anyone meeting with Russian officials during the Trump Campaign........never mind that Franken and Leahy grilling Mr. Sessions a month ago means that the NSA, Justice and FBI had leaked classified documents to these two Democrats who exposed the information in hearings by eluding to it, and never mind that the Obama regime was definitely shadowing not only Senator Jeff Sessions, and the Russian Ambassador to America "to implicate any Republican official who made contact with a foreign ambassador WHOSE JOB IS TO MEET EVERY UNITED STATES OFFICIAL IN REPRESENTING THE KREMLIN, because we now know from the #NeverTrump Wall Street Journal of Rupert Murdoch and the #NeverTrump New York Times of Carlos Slim, the following information on Jeff Sessions.

The Justice Department said late Wednesday that one of the discussions between Sessions and Sergey Kislyak was an office visit that occurred in Sessions' capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The second conversation took place in a group setting with other ambassadors following a Heritage Foundation speech.

One can see how this is damning to Al Franken who has been smearing President Trump in stating the President is insane.......which the State of the Union proved was another fake news lie, because we now know for certain that:

Jeff Sessions met with the Ambassador IN HIS CAPACITY AS PART OF THE ARMED SERVICES IN THE SENATE in a meeting which was so one minute stop that nothing was said.

Jeff Sessions was in a building with hundreds of other people and the Russian ambassador happened to be there too.

By this we know that Donald Trump is a Rusian agent, because Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin saw the same sun rise on the horizon.

On the Franken Evidence, Al Franken is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, because he met with DNC co chair Keith Ellison.

The reason that Senator Sessions did not think that a spot meeting with the Russian Ambassador was of no consequence, it is because Jeff Sessions is an honest man, and he never discussed anything in the meeting.
Furthemore, for the FBI to be pointing a meeting where hundreds of people were there at Heritage, then the fact is everyone at Heritage is then a Russian agent too, and not people who do not want to start nuclear world war with Russia.

This is beyond sedition now and treason, as what Obama, the Democrats and Bush fam #NeverTrumpers are engaged in is unsettling the world and in prelude to world war.

It does not matter if it is Darrell Issa to Al Franken, the Times or the Journal, these fake news stories are placing all of us in jeopardy. For the shortsighted in the left who think that getting President Trump or Jeff Sessions will be the pounds of flesh to make up for their wasted lives, the reality is 8 years of Obama turned you into this, and starting a nuclear world war is not going to make you feel any better about yourselves.

The real story in this is the fact that surveillance by Homeland has been exposed repeatedly in this fake news. We now know that there is a permanent surveillance on the Russian Ambassador and that there are absolutely no protections for Americans, which is mandated under law, as Americans are being photographed, eavesdropped on in their conversations recorded, and that there are files on United States Senators at FBI which is against the law.

That is the story in this, and as the Lame Cherry warned before President Trump was sworn in, that he had to get in front of this, but his worthless staff has been stabbing Christians and Loyalists in the back instead, the reality is again, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to immediately convene Grand Juries, and when indictments are issued by the end of the day, that starting with Al Franken and those known leakers with their assets in the fake news, be arrested, held under Patriot Act and begin with the reality of either these conspirators put someone elses neck into the noose or they will hang in a military court by the end of the month.
....and when the push back comes, then legally the Department of Justice crushes this Obama insurrection.

No one is  apparently serving the President. As he complains that the FBI can not find the leakers, then hire 1000 new US Marshals from Trump Loyalists andChristians, give them immediate security coverage and in one week, this group will have 90% of this ilk indicted as the information is all there.

The Obama FBI has absolutely violated the privacy of Director Mike Flynn, and now we witness a collusion with democrats in the Senate in having information leaked to them. Sean Hannity talking about this is not going to stop it nor protect the President. It is time to protect the President and with a police force branch authorized to crush this insurrection in the US military courts....and if the Obama courts attempt to get involved, then indict them and those lawyers too for trial.

Either the President and the AG gets this fixed or the next move is on Stephen Miller who worked for Sessions and is now posing with Steve Bannon as a chief adviser to the President, being hauled before Franken and Leahy for summer interrogations.

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