Friday, March 3, 2017

Silence of the Din

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a note to President Trump as I doubt he has any knowledge of what the Lame Cherry is, and the loyalists who did filter information or plagiarize it, to appear in debate points, never informed the President where their genius was coming from.

So if the stragglers are reading this, it is a point in something I heard a radio host in Fargo speak out about on Friday morning as I was surfing feed, and her words as a Trump supporter were along these lines concerning the fake news and the attacks on President Trump.

I am sick of it.

I am tired of it.

Why can't they just let the President do this thing for a month and just go away.

Most of you are thinking and saying the same thing, but you should not be uttering the sick thing and taking that back in Jesus Name or satan will give you those words.

This is the warning to President Donald Trump in his followers are being fatigued as Obama intended in this offensive war, meaning Obama is setting the Molotov cocktails off and we have to rush around and spend days putting them out, as the President loses ground fighting fairly and trusting the FBI is going to do the job, which it never will do.

By the above tweets from the President, he is finally finding his footing in fighting back which is what needs to be done, but he needs 100 loyalists scouring media to regain the propaganda spin for the President, and that is not going to happen with Bannon, Conway, Priebus and Walsh intermingled  with the #NeverTrumpers.

The Lame Cherry warned of this over a year ago before President Trump was elected, but the warning never reached him, in the President has to start the backfires first, or he will be consumed in the Obama arson.

President Trump, as the FBI and Justice are not doing their job, must hire 1000 volunteers, so they do not have to be funded by Congress, and these people all need immediate security clearance, with the proper FISA Judge on 24 hour call to locate every leaker, every Obama collaborator, and upon Grand Jury indictment arrest them, no matter if it is Chuck Schumer in the Senate or George Soros or Ben Rhodes. These traitors need to be "disappeared" into a Federal holding facility under US military control, under the Patriot Act, and facing immediate charges on treason, with a gag order, JAG representation in these special courts, and when the howls come from the Obama Clinton colluders in the courts and legal system, they need to be disappeared too on the same charges, just like Abraham Lincoln had orders signed removing traitors during  the insurrection.

Soros-Tied Obama Lawyers Form Group to Battle Trump
Quick, look up the meaning of "sedition"

 President Trump  needs to start lighting fires to occupy these traitors and pull the propaganda and operational control out from under this sedition. Remove 500 of the leaders, and that many in the second wave, and America will witness a silence of the din, in the riots will cease and these investigations will suddenly start finding the criminals, because when Internal Affairs at the White House summons those responsible the choice will be simple of protecting themselves or promoting insurrection against the Government of these United States.

This is what must be done as the Trump Presidency is in jeopardy, and the Obama protocols call for wearing out the base and then wearing out the President for this removal of the President. It is time that this goes full bore.

The Lame Cherry advocates the secret appointment of Chris Christie, Katrina Pearson and Mark Levin to head White House Internal Affairs with full authority to protect the President of the United States. They will have full access to the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security files in security clearance, and their 1000 volunteers who are Trump Loyalists in Military and Law Enforcement will cleanse America, as this is war against America in High Crimes and it must be drenched by not tweets, but Military Tribunal Trials where thee only appeal is to the President of these United States.

This fight is for America Mr. President. Send out your front line Law Enforcement Loyalists and arm your masses to protect you in every State.

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