Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sorry, could not hear your because of my awesomely sized Halo!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today is filler day, filler is the things usually in the blog which are no the lead stories, but I put too much work into the Roosevelt Skylark, so I have to work at more stuff now and later. I wanted to post something though in something nice someone said today.


I just discovered your blog. Your insights are remarkable and your judgment sound. As I too have had ups and downs and days where I was counting quarters, I salute your ability to keep focused on what truly matters. and what the cabal is up to..
I passed this along to God for His insights and remarkable sound judgment, as it is His abilities perfecting me and the minute I revert to being stupid in taking credit for things, some monkey will come along and make me look foolish.
Yes I am unique, but each of us has unique gifts, and if we yearned for God from inside of us in our hearts, with all our strength, will and energy........put it this way if you have the energy to waste on masturbating for hours, going off to play Obama golf or plotting #NeverTrumper stuff, you are not Christian and you are not putting in the effort to grow in Spirit. Moving the Spiritual mountain inside of you is exhausting and unless you are engaged in that 24 hours a day, and that begins to be simple, you are not performing your gifts.

I am not saying being like Edgar Cayce in what he worked himself to death that looks not right as I am doing things and it is not killing me as it is from God.......but all the same I know where all things arrive from and that is where my focus is.

It is appreciated though in people saying nice things, but when I start listening, some spiritual bastard is posting smears like I drink racism like dog piss, or something else that does not make sense.
Never suffer those lies though about you as the Bible teaches, but do not allow them to be the focus of your life.

I welcome all the people who are finding God's Light here. Although the People in Russia are cut off and France is suppressing traffic. That is what the #NeverTrumper censorship looks like in the time of Donald Trump in the White House.

I do have to get to work though on something in surfing the net, and I do have to work on inquiring about something I found which the President said in reverse speech, which has been hard to find the focal point on..........hit target today, but would like more information on it for a post......always striving to get the dollars worth in donations here in not being a cheap date.

Perhaps when people insult me I should just reply, "Sorry I could not hear you because of my awesomely sized halo!!!!" That would really strike gold.

Any way, need a punch line for tomorrow on the hosers and I would rather be writing about adventures I would plan to enjoy, even as Puntz last night crawled up and laid by TL in the chair for like a half hour as calm and wonderful as she ever has........and then I pick her up and my hand looks like small pox as the kitten now about 7 pound showed her adoration for me by biting, kicking, clawing and growling at me.
I get the physical love,  because I believe that animals need to be what they are, learn to grow through it in liberty with direction to become the complete individual they are. Certainly get a different kind of very interesting creature in doing that.........God certainly got that with me.......I just do not recall my antics getting any positive reinforcement.

Got to go walk on water as I tried air and almost damaged myself.