Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why is Mike Pence quoting Lucifer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following are a continuation of David John Oates reversals on President Trump on the Rense Program and they point to a reality of things have been changed for President Trump, in he has been informed and learned of the reality of what he faces.

I have been working on this from a different angle in utilizing inquiry and have gleaned something which I hope to have to post as I just started locking in on what is generating.
Some of the  reversals are interpretations of Mr. Oates as in the  "I am thee 5th", but are speaking of something taking place behind the scenes which the President is aware.

The worst piling on are the other reversals which follow.

President Donald Trump reversals

Mr. Speaker Mr. Vice President - It's a sin America

set free the dreams of our people - the beast and it used Obama

saved tax payers money - I face the terror (error)

we want harmony - hear the limits

veterans have delivered - Adolf her villain (Nazi villain of America)

America more peaceful - I'm afraid thee 5th  (He would be 5th to die in office.)

Obamacare is failing - Air Force man is alive

inventors showed off wonderful creation - follow shit

In the following, we hear that FBI Director James Comey is speaking about being paid off, Kellyanne Conway appears to indicate she is a leaker, and Mike Pence quotes satan.

Makes a great deal of sense why President Trump calls it all sin and the beast.

James Comey

Threat to America on terrorism - The deals Ukraine

FBI offices assist each other - Force it or shit

Victims get on their feet - It's ridiculous

Field offices helping each other - More shit

go into detail here - THEY PAID US

James Clapper

Bi partisan effort - They threaten us (Congress)

John Kelly

Homeland celebrated it's anniversary -  I'm confident you sell fear we are sorry

Connect the dots on intelligence - Fell marijuana

Kellyanne Conway

other sources of the leakers - shame your little secret (has she leaked?)

Mike Pence

this is our time - kiss them all lucifer

President Trump will fight for you - and we'll miss you