Sunday, March 12, 2017

Steve Bannon the Vagabond

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Washington Post invested apparently more than I receive in donations investigating Steve Bannon, and what they discovered is, he is a vagabond.

Anything that resembles a vagabond in having no fixed place

Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man 1961 - YouTube

Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man 1961 Lyrics: I'm a travelin' man and I've made a lotta stops all over the world And in every port I own the heart of at least ...

The thing is, it is not a crime to a vagabond, or most of the Snowbirds from Arizona to Florida would be in prison, as they all have homes in different parts of the United States, some of them they never are in.

Bannon was a man with ex wife, ex girlfriend, and residences he never was at, but kept them as mailing addresses, as he earned money. See if Bannon was a VAGRANT, then that is a crime, but just because you have places you never live in, and put down as residences, does not make you a criminal, nor even as the WashPo tries to connect dots in Bannon voted illegally in Florida.........because Florida laws are that loose, so that democrats can vote in New Jersey and vote again in Florida to flip elections.

I do not suppose the post wanted that crime to come out.

Any way, I really think that Bannon has fallen, since the first hit piece about him in abandoning his kid and trying to get away from that nutty woman who was trailing him, that he has sunk to being vagabond. I think that Steven needs to travel to Baden Baden, get some Ukraine hookers out of Tel Aviv, trash his hotel room and have the hookers piss in the bed......wait that has already been done........
I know he could have the prostitutes spray water on Angela Merkel's fish or something and tell them it is a reality show.

Ok maybe that needs some work, but Bannon really needs some dating a Playboy centerfold, chugging Glengoolie scotch.................Steve Bannon needs to become Archer!!!

Yeah, he needs to develop a Burt Reynolds complex, fire guns off in the White House, steal the President's car and drive over people's lawns and get a butler valet from England with a name like Woodhouse who can carry things around and make Bannon look.......well like Archer.


I highly recommend though photos of large breasted women as they are appealing and comforting. People like that.

Well up to a point, as too big becomes the Pele of tsunami mammaries.

See what I mean..........that just is just scary as it makes you want to take the 02 tank along in case you suffocate.

Speaking of tsunami........this is nightmare inducing.

Anyway maybe Steve could pull it off........not the top, but the "I use them to keep my taco warm coming home from the White House.

I really should be hired to be image coordinator for Steve Bannon.........hell I could make people believe Reince Priebus was a man, Katie Walsh is a woman and Mike Pence does not pray to satan.

I think the first thing is Steve Bannon needs to do is whip his dick out and take a piss on some bush, floral that is, on the White House lawn and let himself be photographed for Gaytube or at least so CNN can record it in black and white. Maybe invite the Kurschner's along to watch as he gesticulates like before.

We simply have to help the Trump White House with some scandals as since this Russian hacking thing went tits up, all they have left is Steve Bannon sleeps under large breasts and his mailing address is a triple G cup.

See what a great public relations gal I am!!!

Andy Reed needs to hire me to write one of the last episodes of Archer.......that would be awesome!!! Crap, Andy Reed is the coach of the KC Chiefs..........damn probably ruined my chances of writing for Archer, so I have to get hired by Bannon for PR.

Oh..........Bannon needs to hang out with that Bond guy who looks like Putin. Sneak him into the White House and release the photos that Putin slept in Lincoln's bed as the Trump's were in Mar sure Katie Walsh would put some pasty nips on to pose for bed shots to help her career.