Monday, March 13, 2017

Our very own patch of Grass

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Ever since David John Oates released his latest reversals on President Donald Trump which absolutely stunned him, on the Jeff Rense Program (stunned as he had never experienced such a non congruent change in an individual) as Mr. Trump was always positive before, and in the State of the Union, the President's mind was on "other things".

He spoke in terms of sin, in addressing Ryan and Pence from the beginning, Obama used by the beast or the world system, some profanity, references to his possible death, and several reversals which pointed to as troubling events in:

Your villain he'll be December

Adolf her villain

I am going to attempt to explain what has been told President Trump, what he knows, and what is behind these revelations by inquiry in the following reversals.

Work that remains to be done - I will miss you

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President - It's a sin America

Trade deficit debt - He leaves a waste (Obama)

American child grow up in safe community - our little babies

Education is the civil rights issue of our time - We shit

Come home - Have your Vets now

A message of unity and strength - Your villain he'll be December

Dreams of our people - Miss you Miss you (TL concludes that the President misses the American Dream of Mr. Trump's youth.)

Set free the dreams of our people - the beast and it used Obama
we want harmony - hear the limits
veterans have delivered - Adolf her villain (Nazi villain of America)

America more peaceful - I'm afraid thee 5th  (He would be 5th to die in office.)

Obamacare is failing - Air Force man is alive

inventors showed off wonderful creation - follow shit

The villain statements in both Hitler and December are linking thoughts. Hitler is national socialism or that order which controls deep state. What inquiry is pointing to is the President was told of a series of end year events. It appears to point to Muslim riots in Europe, a collapse of the stock market and terror events in the December time period.

It is important to weave into this the "We miss you" because this has come in Pence reversals. This is these people know it is the end of the American Dream in the Beaver Cleaver type white picket fences.
It must be remembered that President Trump is President and not God. Inquiry points to the President has been informed of this intrigue.
It is one reason why the American military is in Europe to check the Russians, as the upheaval which has been revealed, would open a door for Russian movement into Europe.

The President has been informed of this from US intelligence. This was planned while image Obama was in the White House, hence the troops dumped into Europe for preparation. Those NATO forces under Hamrod would have been employed to seize Russian assets for the new order.

These are Hillary Clinton reversals of June 2016 pointing to what 2017 was to be:

Hillary – “Our armed forces fight terrorists together, our diplo[mats work side]-by-side, allies provide staging areas for our military so we can respond quickly to events on the other side of the world.” – I screw Sam. (Uncle Sam is screwed over by what is planned.)

Hillary – “Over the past year, I’ve laid out my plans for defeating ISIS. We need to take out their strong[holds in Iraq] and Syria, by intensifying the air campaign and stepping up our support…” – I’ll bring us war.

December appears to be a ruse. A trigger event is being planned much earlier. Inquiry is pointing to June in this forming time line.

Jeb Bush referenced this "group" in July of 2016 in a reversal on Mr. Oates site. The "shadow" does exist.

Jeb – “..but they’re also always ought to be an eye on the ball of the next [group of people that actually] decide who the presidents going to be.” – The shadow will beat the group.

The shadow has proven not infallible, but it still is implementing the same Armageddon time line which Obama and Clinton were going to assist with.

The Air Force man reference seems to point to someone the President was informed about, who was ill. Has retired. Non connected event.

I am having difficulty in locking onto this, as there are gaps and holes in this, as to why the President finds this hopeless, why nothing can be done........must push the inquiry.

Have inquired further and something worse was promised. At this point, as I was typing this, I read a story where the President threatened to primary GOP leaders who did not agree to Ryan rationed death and death in the Obamacare replacement.

As this is the choice in this time line, then that is the choice. What is Washington to me but a far off place of millionaires, my responsibilities are to the sheep of the fields and saving for my own patch of grass.