Friday, March 17, 2017

The Gun Mastectomy

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When it comes to firearms, most women regrettably are clueless in how to purchase or carry a handgun, and when it comes to men helping them, the men all think with their cocks in what they would buy or how which part of the body that gun will be touching the woman.

The Lame Cherry seeks to address this in the much touted BRA HOLSTER, which is the worst invention for self suicide and manslaughter ever invented. I am going to point out a few things which no one apparently ever figures out, except of course John Wayne in why he never carried his Colt in a bra holster.

In the above photo we have the first reality of, as you have to get undressed before you can get to a gun, then perhaps all those skin tight clothes, sweaty sticking clothes, and the reality of helping a man in getting your clothes off so he can rape you, a your gun gets stuck in your top, is probably the dumbest damn idea since voting for Obama.
Not even being flat chested is going to help with the clothes and if you have breasts they are going to be in the way.

Now for the series of pointers on the carrying of a handgun in a bra holster.

 What is wrong with the following carry is guns go off at the damnedest times they are not supposed to so you end up blowing half your tit off, blasting your left arm off in which you bleed out, or you shoot the person beside you in the brain or chest and just ruin their day.

Next up we have the do it yourself birth control method of either blowing your womb out or giving you a nice Muslim circumcision on your nethers. Giving yourself a hysterectomy or removing 20 feet of your intestines is not what you are after when performing concealed carry.

This is a gem of a carry too in the same mode, of it being higher so you reach through the top of your shirt to get stuck getting the gun out, and the gun being higher you either shoot yourself in the heart or shoot yourself in the diaphragm so you suffocate.

Lastly we have the great idea of the bra holster carry, where again you have to get undressed to get at the gun. With your wide child bearing hips, chances are you will only need  a replacement hip surgery when your gun goes off and blows your hip out.
Muslims will probably like this, as you can not run away in their raping you, and Mexicans can just rob you as you are not going anywhere.

I sort of hope that the point has been made that if you have to get undressed to get a gun, then maybe that is not a good place to carry it, and if your gun is pointing at your own kill zones or at other people's heads and hearts, that you will be spending 10 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Carrying is difficult in concealed carry, as there are problems with each type. Carry like John Wayne and it is not easy to conceal. The Detective webs which carry by the rips are uncomfortable like wearing a bad bra.

The hip carry in a well fitted holster is the best position, with the ankle holster a second, providing one wears loose slacks to get at the gun. Stupid women will never think that one needs semi loose clothing to carry a weapon, and will opt for fashion look instead.

The last carry location is in the belt line on the back. The drawback of this is when one sits in chair, you feel it like a tampon out of place.

I am not going cover thigh holsters as hiking your dress up is never good, and wearing a 2 pound chafing garter on your thigh is nothing you want blisters or callouses on.

I remember reading years ago, that bear of a man from Arizona who wrote in Guns and Ammo, of the heat there in summer, in he tried wearing his 44 magnum with a light vest, and a shoulder holster, and it was perfectly concealed. This was one of the biggest handguns sold, and he being large framed could conceal it in this manner. The reality is though he wore a light vest, and he was not in spandex advertising his position.

Every person always has to keep in mind the three rules of gun carry:

Rule 1. Guns are always loaded.

Rule 2. Never point or carry a gun where it will blow your body parts off or someone else's body parts off.

Rule 3. Guns always go off when you do not want them to, into yourself or other people.

I posted here awhile back how even the Police had problems with their weapons discharging while they carry them. The point is, just expect you are going to be stupid, the gun malfunctions or somehow the safety gets off, and then not put it anywhere near your tits for a Glock Mastectomy.

A bra holster is one of the worst carries there is for personal danger Some type of hip carry or purse carry is a more safe choice when dealing with an object designed to project objects with lethal force.

Personal guns I will not get into again nor choice of loads, as this is a common sense course in firearms carry in after you decide on the gun, you have to figure out where to put the thing, so you can get at it, and not kill yourself or others by accident.

Nuff Said