Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Jersey Bandito


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Can you really blame Obama open borders, when you got a blanco Spaniard out of Mexico joining in the rapine of America for years, in why just rape some pussy or steal a job, when Tom Brady has 500,000 jerseys to steal.

I mean, for all the sin in America, even Americans hold their sports championships sacred and would never stoop to stealing the jerseys or balls of their heroes, but that is exactly what Maurcio Ortega........ok I have had enough of this Mexican monkey chatter in this criminal is named Morris  Sandgrouse, as that is what Orega means in monkey chatter Mexican.
Ok so Morris Dirtbird comes into America and desecrates American sports holies, like he stole the Pater Pope's underwear he wears when selling indulgences to pedophiles,and goes off and steals like over 1 million dollars worth of collectables.

Talk about padding your retirement, as in beaner Mexico this dude could have a little boy for each day of the week and still be eating caviar and slugging down the Don.

Dirtbird got balls as he actually poses with the people he robs.


Of course the Americans willingly do this in taking pity on short little tan skins as who expects them to be the pack rats they are. Well those who like pet coloured folks, the rest of Americans just sneer at them and long for the day ICE hauls ass on them.

You know that Dirtbird is going to get away with this, because what the hell is prison in America going to be, but a step up for a Mexican, as  Mexico is a shit hole, except for tourists and the blanco. Personally, I would like with all those great white sharks in Boston harbor, that Dirtbird get towed behind a charter boat for a week and if he survives, be cut loose a few miles out, and if he swims back to shore, cut his kidneys out and put him on a truck back to Mexico.
Being Mexican should not be punishment nor a reward, and Tom Brady should get more than his property back, smelling like Mexicans.

As Tom Brady is a friend of President Trump, I.........let me check the map first.........

There, President Trump needs to bomb the Yucatan of Mexican life forms, and give the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady the Yucatan for his personal enjoyment.


Beings we are going through this scorched Mexican stuff, let's give Quintana Roo to Bob Kraft and Campeche to Coach Belichick as they like President Trump for the great guy he is too. Make the Official White House Super Bowl visit something pleasing, and all those Afroids protesting can go home and look at their Obama on the Label concession prizes.


Steal Tom Brady's Jerseys and Mexico has three states taken from them for more American prosperity. I still ain't forgot about Baja, Sonora, Chiuahua and Cohula being more of Texas. I would give that Bronco player who got his helmet stole could have like a big taco as they got that cool white pony to ride around on and that makes up for a lot of Mexico. Besides Denver is like the mile high pile of beaner shit.


I am all for this. See I am backed by Wall Street on this:

Hedge Fund CIO: "The Odds Of Trump Succeeding Are Zero In The Absence Of A New War"

Tyler Durden's picture
We present the latest weekly anecdote, From Eric Peters, CIO Of One River Asset Management

As the Kushner Jew bankers want a war, I say listen to Eric Peters, and instead of blowing up those goddamn Muslims, let's blow up Mexico in a real war, as we have not had a war with Mexico since 1845 AD in the year of our Lord, since then it has only been that Pancho Villa stuff of terrorism. Look America gave Mexico like 200 years to get their shit together. Obama and Holder like gave them Gun Runner arsenals, and all the America pussy they could rape, and how does Mexico repay? They threaten Donald Trump and steal Tom Brady's jerseys. That means war and needs a slogan.

16 94 or FIGHT


That is like 16 degrees latitude north is American and 94 degrees west longitude is about right. That will teach them Mexicans in they steal from America, America is awarded huge swaths of Mexico free of Mexican jersey stealers.

Mexico is to blame, but America prospers in war, takes like Mexican oil and gold, and retires most of the Obama debt.

Say I could borrow that Denver white bronco as they don't score, and I could raise the Rough Cherries and invade Durango and Sinaloa, as I like Durango, but am not going to be stuck landlocked, and Sinaloa means like Signal and no state needs that kind of beaner name and Durango means Durango. Just going to combine them into Mexican Free Zone, and call them Melania and build the wall south of my border.

America has gone to war for lies, so we might as well go to war over a jersey.

16 94 or FIGHT, for Greater Texas and Melania!!!

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