Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Huma in Need is a Huma in Deed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

Let us all face it, that the one person that all Conservatives and Liberals can agree is the biggest loser of 2016 is Huma Abedin.

Huma tried desperately to free herself from Hillary by spying on her and then in desperation Anthony Wiener tried to save her by becoming a pedophile, and when it all ended, Anthony is going to prison, Hillary has Huma on the Mayoral leash for New York and Huma is just older and saggier.

In this, the Lame Cherry suggests that Huma needs to change her hair color.

Platinum White is nice.

So would be the Cyndi Lauper look of red hair.

In both cases you can see that Huma flips the bird for street prostitution very well, but we are trying to save Huma from all of this.

So to save Huma, we suggest she get some silicon while Obamacare is still in force.

See how lovely Huma looks. I bet she could get a job just about anywhere, and not have to be following Hillary Clinton around.

 Huma also needs a costume change as she has an ok body, and with her new tits she needs to show off the wares.

As you can see, Huma is the complete package now.

With Huma like this, who needs Hillary. I say, "Huma hire the Lame Cherry" and we girls can be a campaign team. I say, "Run Huma Run!!!"

I say, until Huma is indicted, that we bill her as the unindicted Democrat!!!!

I say that it is, "HUMA FOR MAYOR".

The Lame Cherry says, "Vote for the Wiener without the Wiener!!!!"

How much more feminist can this be. The wife without the pedo husband. The coloured girl liberated from her cracker mistress. She has her life, her liberty and her pursuit of New York Happy as Mayor of the Big Apple.

Huma Abedin needs to be the TLA of the new white hating Democratic Party. TLA stands for TIT LEGS ASS......that is when Huma gets her new Obama tits and costume legs.

A Huma in Need does not have to be a Huma in Deeds of Clinton crimes. I say President Trump needs to pardon Huma Abedin, set her free to become Mayor of New York,  while Hillary and Bill Clinton go to retirement in the Geezer Grey Bar Prison.