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The Obama Primal Tear

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is going to be a White Paper concerning the Forensic Psychological examination of exactly what is it which created in leftist the basic animal response of the extremes of "fight or flight" to "nurturing or love versus destruction or hate".

This best can be served as in an example of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Patrick Stewart in the #NeverTrumpers, as the British subject Stewart like Obama is compelled to "become an American in order to fight Donald Trump", with the females stating the mantra "not my President".

Patrick Stewart has said he is applying for US citizenship in order to "fight" Donald Trump.
On The View, he said that because of the recent election he has decided to apply for citizenship in order to join the resistance against the President.
“I’m not a [U.S.] citizen,”the actor said.
“However, there is, maybe it’s the only good thing, as the result of this election: I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American too.”
“All of my friends in Washington said, ‘There is one thing you can do. Fight, fight, oppose, oppose,’” Mr Stewart said.

Examine yourself for a moment, did it ever occur to you to try to become another citizen of Saudi Arabia to fight ISIS, or perhaps France to fight against Hollande? All of you reading this could probably not name the leaders of foreign nations, because you do not care, because your validation is coming from another source, as is normal.

To explain the beginning of this, this started long ago as "hero worship". People worshipped Helen of Troy for beauty and Caesar for military prowess. As the Greek theater appeared, humans engaged vicariously in becoming more than they were in fiction, as stories and theater so they did not to face themselves.
This climaxed in the cinema of actors and actresses portraying what "we wanted to be", from the stories we read in Dickens and Irving, but something changed in the late 20th century, in humans no longer worshiped God in the left nor sports stars. A transformation took place, rooted in deep psychological fear, that without a political leader in power, the human became paranoid and delusional. With Obama in power destroying, or euthanizing or suiciding or aborting America, his devotees were serene in this mayhem, suffering and genocide. Yet remove at the beginning of this Al Gore, John Kerry, Birther Hussein, and Hillary Clinton, and the wealthy and welfare left became deranged.

I desire each of you to consider something about President Trump's State of the Union message in what he stated:

President Trump will protect Social Security.
He will protect Medicaide.
He will protect legal entry into America so human traffick and death ceases.
He will protect healthcare for the poor.
He will stimulate the economy in infrastructure renewal.
He will invest money in women.
He will protect minorities from violent crimes.

If one examines, along with his call for bi partisan support in a John Kennedy reaching for the stars, President Donald Trump has surpassed, including protecting sodomites, every Democrat President from FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama.

Donald Trump annexed a great deal of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders policy, as the Lame Cherry informed everyone in 2015 in the Sanders and Clinton policies were far more right wing than what the leftists demanded.........and yet in that reality, we understand the derangement of the left, as they are fighting this, resisting this, and it is all more humane than what Barack Obama ever engaged in.

If one spoke to the protestors in North Dakota at Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the reason for their being out there, most of them had no idea. They were being paid, they knew it was something about an oil pipeline, but not any of them could explain an environmental policy or energy policy to support their point.
They were protesting, rioting, and manifesting the fight response, and that brings the question of what and who was triggering this in them, because they were like herd animals spooked, and simply like the mobs one reads about in the Bible, appearing to scream for hours at St. Paul for the sake of screaming, as none of those rioters had any idea what they were doing there either.

There are those who are manipulating these people though, and they are headquartered in sedition and insurrection 3 blocks from the White House in image Obama and Val-erie Jarrett with Eric Holder managing the legal terrorism against American concerning voting. They have paid an assembled body of these protestors who are in fight reaction in 30,000 of them to fight against something, without thought, because they are afraid.

One must understand that millions of people, who had identity problems, and used to find them in a Kareem Abdul Jabar on the basketball court or a Pretty Woman like Julia Roberts, were conditioned that this fictional security was not enough in their every day fantasies and dreams. They instead by Oprah and Rosie were conditioned to their ugly selves which they could not face, and into this shock therapy the political tyrant arose, who informed these scared children basic programming:

1. You are a failure in the current system, so I will change the laws to make you succeed.
2. I will destroy American exceptionalism and make it American failure so you do not have to feel bad about failing.
3. God damns you, but I will pass laws so you do not have to rise up above your carnal failures but wallow in them so you can have peace.
4. I will be your messiah and love your sin, so you do not need Jesus.

It is important in this, that the American Identity of Rugged Individualism was the American Cowboy and John Wayne. The first thing the Tavistock and Standford did was to make Brokeback Mountain sodomizing cowboys and then remade True Grit into a disgusting movie of people no one aspired to be. That is key in this, because when Barack Obama was a little boy, he was terrified like all of these protestors, like Patrick Stewart in being alone with themselves, so in normal failures they turned to stage or to group identity, in order to protect themselves from what was driving them in fear.

This group is phobic, and their reactions are abnormal to the degree of derangement and insanity. Patrick Stewart is going to fight, Whoopi Goldberg is rejecting this Donald Trump, who is cementing into American culture Teddy Roosevelt Progressivism in everything they say they are for, but they are only for it when they hear it from their prophet Obama or Clinton. From Donald Trump it is something terrifying.

This reveals that these creatures are not listening nor processing any information. They are no different than the Brzezinski Muslim Militant programmed to outrage. There is not any logic in it as it is illogical. It is though primal fear, and this has been conditioned into these people so that Barack Hussein Obama's legacy is one of a literal war on the United States in absolute terrorism. If you want to know what Barack Obama is, he is Vendetta, he is Guy Fawkes, in insanity burrowing under the British Parliament, planting a mountain of explosives, to kill every Member of Parliament.

Fawkes never reasoned that England without leadership would be defeated by one of the European Empires immediately, who would enslave the English and that would be the end of civilization. There is neither rhyme nor reason in the Obama mob, because they have been conditioned to that perfect condition of zombie. They are triggered now in base emotion of fight without flight, and their love is to hate Donald Trump, because this zombie mob can not hate themselves.

This is a remarkable result from Tavistock and Standford. This group had 95 million Americans suffering, 500,000 Syrian genocided, slave labor invading America to the worst human exploitation in history.......and none of this registered with Obama as their leader, for they have created Obama in their image, and their intent is all that matters, not their criminal result.
They are evil and deem themselves blameless.

 In forensic psychology, what is at the heart or better center of the brain stem activity of the #NeverTrumper is a phobia, an irrational fear of America. The America of success which is President Donald Trump, in his Caucasian Christian hard work.
Obama and Tavistock understood this, that there were a mob of people who never dealt with their failures, and instead could be exploited by them. Normal psychology has a person shrugging things off and moving on with some new success in life, but these people are fused at the age of their great first failures and never recover from it.

What Barack Obama personified was failure as a Designed Response, as the Designer Negro. Obama embraced failure and those who failed, and informed them he would change America or destroy the America which was a success, which constantly festered in these people in their psychosis of their first failure.

If you remember the movie Tombstone, Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell at the end of the movie are trying to understand what makes Johnny Ringo into the psychotic he is. Kilmer's line explains it all, in Ringo wants revenge, because there is not enough gold, fame, sex, power or position to fill the void in them which demands to be filled, and that is where the revenge manifests from, as the revenge in always feeling hollow and empty inside is revenge on the world for their being born.

That is what is image Obama and this entire zombie protestor mob. They want revenge not only now for being born, but they want murder and assassination of an American Nation, because their parents did not abort them and made them suffer in this world, and instead of putting a gun to their heads and pulling the trigger, they must now in being too cowardly to accomplish this, destroy America, and their focal point is now entirely on successful Donald Trump who reminds them every moment of the fears they have at their core, which image Obama and his handlers have been rubbing raw for the past 16 years in the psyche of the American left.

I doubt there is any Ron Silver, the actor who transformed to become a Conservative from the Clintons alive, as that would require reason, and reason is gone. All that is left is this Guy Faulkes as image Obama packing in the explosives and a zombie mob of their phobias driven to the murderous insanity and brutality which is the Age of Obama.

I mentioned that Charlie Rose in his Brain Series on PBS stated in the experts there that unless a child is rescued by age 2 from abuse, the brain is fused to repeat those violent actions of aggression. There is absolutely no treatment for this Obama Disorder in these wealthy followers and their snowflakes in meltdown, as only Christ could transform those hearts, but the Bible reveals that in Sodom and Canaan, there was absolutely no remedy for those civilizations, because they had degraded so utterly completely.

It is the worst mistake for the Trump Administration to think they can reason with the insane in the Obama leadership or the deranged which the Obama league is manipulating. One can not reason with a rabid dog and one can not find peaceful accord with those who are as removed from reason as a Patrick Stewart, tweeting he could not sleep, because President Trump was a few blocks away, as in Stewart's mind was being unsettled by the President.
Those are the exact statements which place people into asylums as all normality has ceased in the reasoning process.

He made the comments after being asked about a tweet in which he wrote: "Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yds from where Donald Trump sleeps. Could there be a connection?"

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. There is a reality in this which must be faced in the mind conditioning engaged in by the Obama left, has so torn the minds of the majority of the creatures on the left, that they have ceased to be human, as the humane part of their brains was shredded in them like JFK on the grassy knoll, and the same elite group has completed this leftist lobotomy so all that remains is animalistic fight to the death in a rabid dysfunction in only the brain stem remains.
Nature constructs this in removing flight, so the disease or destruction will not spread to genocide the entire population. The Tavistock Obama conditioning though has this rabid response in viral spread, seeking to genocide the entire world population, rather than ending their own personal failures peacefully, but instead to destroy the successful who remind these deranged of the secret inside of them they are most terrified of.
This is the Obama Primal Tear, and if proceeds to impeaching President Trump or stopping the Trump peace initiative with Eurasia, the fact is that Obama is the focal point of Eon Time, in being an event like the great asteroids which wiped out life on earth on several occasions.

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