Monday, March 20, 2017

The Unraveling of the Presidency

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Charlie Rose Monday evening, his program featured the beginning of Watergate for President Trump in the term "unraveling of a presidency" as the talking point.

Peter King played the role of the GOP stooge and that Schiff as the knife Nixon in the back, as the New York Times rolled out their chosen intelligence shaved head to create the genre.

I had thought that Mike Flynn might be an intelligence asset to get Donald Trump, as it would be his testimony which would bring the revelation in the summer of long hot hearings which you have been warned of with James Comey laying the foundation today.

Inquiry points to Katie Walsh is the chosen asset who will appear before the committee in the future who will provide the Alexander Butterfield moment.

Repeating that the Lame Cherry warned the President of all of this, but none of the counsel was heeded, now brings all of us to what is being conditioned to the America People, as begun with the "Trump Poll Numbers Dropping" which is another fake poll to drive this vulnerability.

The President needs firewalls yesterday, and he needs to strike last week, because by the time he tries to move now, he will be crucified as Nixon in misusing the police state.

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