Saturday, March 11, 2017

Who are these White Obama Folks?

Michelle Obama

 Even blurred drunk Michelle Obama is not Boner Creating

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When this photo in the UK press surfaced saying Obama was eating double portion of lamb meat, I kept looking in the photo for image Obama, because the person in the way was not Obama.

Then it dawned on me, "Whatever this is, with different head shape, ears and color, is what is being passed off as a dead ringer for Birther Hussein.".

Chow down: A person on Twitter posted a photo they said was of Obama in which he was spotted sipping red wine and eating a $49 double lamb chop at the Michelin-starred eatery while Michelle drank white wine with dinner

This guy looks more like that from Cooks Country in Jack Bishop.

See what I mean.

Then again Queenie Malik was out in New York lily white snow, looking runway fashion Whitetoid and if you check the reality is she went blonde too, as she has had enough of the American Afroid look.

Malia braves the snow

Apparently Obamatard rubs off as that girl has that choom head look of the Birther in the elevator not longer lands past the ground floor when going up. Apparently this is the alley whore look of those who sleep with the rats in card board boxes.
Too bad she does not have a shopping cart to push around, to load her cat in, so she can get leftovers after White Obama gets done with eating a 2 inch slab of baby sheep. I mean a sheep is a wee thing, and when you start sawing off steaks that size it is like the whole ass end off that wooly.

You do know that image Obama just came back from 90 degree Virgin Island where it had been for WEEKS, in the hot sun, and normal white people turn brown and black people get blacker than Toby's ass, so how is it this lamb eater in New York got whiter?

This is one of the Obama stand ins again, except for the blonde daughter who has apparently huffed so much choom now that she has destroyed her lungs, and puffing in her big lips like a camel after a 50 mile run.

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