Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Farkas Scorn

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One must correlate a reality that all have missed, in that perhaps the Nasty Ashley Judd, and the women dressing up as penis and vagina on the national mall in protest in a Trump Derangement Syndrome, might be a psychological condition which infected Evelyn Farkas in her mad, lemming over the cliff dive, to destroy Donald Trump over fake intelligence.

What has been missed in all of this:

Evelyn Farkas also served as an advisor to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign and was up for a position in the Clinton administration if Hillary became President.

While the Gateway Pundit concludes that Farkas was working for Mrs. Clinton for a job, I did an inquiry and while Ms. Farkas probably thought she was going to be rewarded by the Clintons, she was not. There was not a job waiting for her. She was being used.

Now couple that with the reality that what did numbers of liberals do in meltdown, but meltdown after Hamrod was defeated. The reality is Evelyn Farkas went into meltdown. It all begins to look like she could not deal with the Hamrod defeat no better than Ashley Judd. Granted Ms. Farkas was not reading menstrual cycle stained poetry on the mall, but she did join to another group of "former Obama employees" who were desperate to get information prove to America that Hillary Clinton was the right choice and not Donald Trump.
Evelyn Farkas was attempting to vindicate herself.

Examine Evelyn Farkas for a moment. She is an attractive woman. She is accomplished. She is described as a policy wonk, a level headed woman, and yet she went lemming and jumped over the cliff in some instances being goaded by two rather unstable leftists in the media in the threatening and bawling Mika Brzezinski where Farkas melted down and at Newsweek with the seizure prone rambler Kurt Eichenwald.

At Politico, Farkas went into full vent, but if you notice she does not list the infamous 17th Agency of Hillary Clinton and only 16 agencies. That is strange in her writing that, but promoting the Hillary Clinton insider line of interfering with American elections which was fake news. She does though once again post direct classified intelligence in a public forum which she had no security right in access to.

We are only beginning to process the fact that a foreign country interfered with American democratic elections,” she says in the article. “But when it comes to Russia and its relationship with Donald Trump, the election hacking may only be the tip of the iceberg. The American public doesn’t have access to the data the intelligence community – all 16 agencies combined — have on the Russian government, its banks and oligarchs, and their relationships with Donald Trump’s campaign, his business ventures, and the president-elect himself. That must change before January 20th. The information needs to be made public.”

Inquiry states it was a DOD official she worked with, a male, who was informing her.

Farkas also admitted the democrats in Congress were leaking. That would be to the media. Inquiry states she was speaking with staff in the House, which is surprising as she was formerly employed in the Levin Warner Senate.
So you understand the above, Farkas KNOWS who was leaking to the media out of the House of Representatives. That means she knew people were leaking classified information and did not report it. In addition, whoever was informing her of detailed information in unmasked intelligence reports was providing her with classified information, which again is against the law.

To put it plainly, Evelyn Farkas does not belong before Congress, but before a Grand Jury, under oath, where she will be made to reveal exactly her sources and every person she was speaking with. This belongs out of the hands of James Comey at FBI as he has not accomplished anything but covering up this operation against Donald Trump. This belongs in the hands of a US Attorney and a Grand Jury with full powers to indict. This belongs before a Grand Jury  to offer some protection to Evelyn Farkas as she was incapable for handling the defeat of Hillary Clinton and reacted in her own off balance way as Ashley Judd did. The difference being Ms. Farkas was receiving information and disseminating information which was classified and part of an active FBI investigation.

The more I learn of Evelyn Farkas, the more compassion I have on this woman. She rose to her position, and she was contaminated by the Obama Clinton trolls around her. Think of it as those poor Hutatree nits who were running around in the woods doing no harm, until Eric Holder sent in a mole to start ranting criminal stuff to them, and in swept the FBI with real guns.
Evelyn Farkas appears as balanced as any liberal could be, but she kept being triggered by these Ben Rhodes nuts, and it swept through most of the democrats in shock over Hillary Clinton being rejected and by the fact they no longer had Obama around to prove they were not racists, and these leftists just became unhinged.

I really believe that Evelyn Farkas needs counseling as her actions prove she was out of control, and she was left that way in Hillary Clinton abandoning her, in having her think she was nothing without Clinton or Obama.

Evelyn Farkas is just another female victim of Hillary and Bill Clinton. She though is responsible for what she was engaged in. After the Truth is known in her part in this, in those who provided her information, she should be remanded to a structure to build her self esteem and to help her deal with her version of the Ashley Judd syndrome, which rooted in a woman's scorn, and in this case Hillary Clinton triggered it in numbers of women and it manifested as Farkas Scorn, much to her harm.
Evelyn Farkas needs to be helped and protected from herself and these leftists who began all of this.