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Susan Rice Needs An Attorney Like Evelyn Farkas

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"The Truth is always somewhere between the lies and the propaganda media"

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The coup against Donald Trump is not that interesting to me personally as it is as Ted Cruz once said, "One giant Rat F*ck", but now that we are learning a bit more about the inner workings of the Obama intelligence zealots, the forensic psychology involved brings this a level of interest.

I am not in the habit nor would I ever be to defend delusional people who clung to image Obama, and that includes Susan Rice, who while the Lame Cherry is not defending her, is not about to call for the rope to lynch another uppity Nig as is now becoming the chant on the right. I prefer the factual scenario, based on what the matrix inquiries point to, because no matter what the media is publishing in Mockingbird lies, I know the matrix while it can be flooded with false beliefs, it can be "felt" to eventually discover the Truth.

What I am about to lay out here is a logical series of events to explain Susan Rice in what she is accused of.

First the background.

In early March 2016, Donald Trump started rolling back the cartel operation to make war with Russia, rolling back NATO looting America for funding, while Europeans kept the cash for their luxury, and questioning why America needed to die for the Baltic states.
By April, a recording appeared from the President of Estonia, which had evidence that Donald Trump was receiving funding directly from Moscow.

This fake intelligence spiked the CIA in Director Brennan, and set off an avalanche of events as the fake Russian money laundering to Donald Trump did not destroy Donald Trump as intended.

Let this be explained in what Susan Rice was, in Director of the NSA. This is the data mining operation of the US regime, in it gathers intelligence from foreign intelligence services, shares that intelligence, and monitors Americans and everyone in the world.
It is Susan Rice's job to assemble intelligence threats and inform her Obama of the threat matrix along with other intelligence officials.

To progress this, CIA Director Brennan can not legally spy on Donald Trump, so in Homeland meetings, he requests information, based on his information from Estonia, and the FBI is in the loop on this, as they do the investigating.
Director Rice receives intelligence that the Russians are laundering money to Donald Trump, who is a problem in not being among the deep state candidates. It is known that Hillary Clinton is going to run her campaign in part in running against Vladimir Putin again, so this is seen by the Obama leftists as a way to expose Putin to humiliate him, expose the GOP for being traitors and to expose Donald Trump for being a criminal in order to remove him.

Into this we have Susan Rice claiming she knew nothing of these unmasking requests, even though her name was on the logs. Ms. Rice has a history of lying as in Benghazi, but perhaps the reason Ms. Rice lies so well is that there are people who are involved who placed her into power, because she is not too bright, is an ideologue and if the boss does not know what the underlings are doing, then the boss can always deny the operation she is unaware of.
Who was Susan Rice's deputy?

The Missing Benghazi Email - WSJ

The Missing Benghazi Email New evidence that Ben Rhodes told Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton to blame the video.

Ben Rhodes, whose name keeps popping up as being the coordinator of the Obama disruption campaign against the peaceful transition of power to President Donald Trump.

Also on Monday, Fox News and Bloomberg News, citing multiple sources reported that Rice had requested the intelligence information that was produced in a highly organized operation. Fox said the unmasked names of Trump aides were given to officials at the National Security Council (NSC), the Department of Defense, James Clapper, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director.
Joining Rice in the alleged White House operations was her deputy Ben Rhodes, according to Fox.

Do you see the pattern in this, James Clapper being the point man against Donald Trump, John Brennan having initiated the actual requests, and Ben Rhodes running the dirty politics progression of this as Hillary Clinton's advocate in the White House as a deep state agent.

The problem is for Susan Rice, in the detailed project this was, is that either she is being exposed as a felon of Watergate proportions in starting this James Comey investigation on fake intelligence, or she is what she is, a not too aware person who was chosen for the job, so the deep could run their operations and she was too vacuous to understand or too weak to become involved.

In another appearance, Sciutto even attempted to excuse Rice from claiming to have no knowledge of the unmasking she's been caught orchestrating.
"From her perspective she didn’t know what specific unmasking Devin Nunes and others are talking about, in part because that is something she asks — or asked during the regular course of her work as national security adviser," he said. "I do know from speaking to people yesterday close to her that she doesn’t know specifically what Devin Nunes and others are accusing her of when it comes to unmasking because that was something sets in the regular course of her job."

So Susan Rice may be telling the truth as she knows it. Ben Rhodes as her deputy might have been logging in or making requests, and never informed Director Rice of the details. Rhodes may have said there were indications of Russian money laundering coming in to the RNC, from CIA intelligence out of the Baltic states, and Rice being preoccupied with a myriad of other details just signed off on it, and Rhodes ran the political operation for Hillary Clinton., because smearing Trump would have smeared every Republican candidate.

Everyone always makes the mistake in thinking everyone is a mastermind when it comes to the regime, but sometimes dolts like Reince Priebus are allowed to promotion so the deep state operators like Katie Walsh and Mike Shields can rise with them and conduct the polices of Bush fam in controlling the entire operation.
Indications are Susan Rice is such a dolt. There was an entire deep state operation taking place which had Evelyn Farkas and Kurt Eichenwald running fake intelligence to bring down Donald Trump.
I ask you to remember Dan Rather in what brought him down, in he had no documents, but a forged one probably from the Bush family, but being the person who gave him that document and said Forgegate was real, Dan Rather trusted the story and ran it against W. Bush.

Susan Rice daily received a pre dawn intelligence brief of all the domestic and international threats, about the wars, about a myriad of things which "compiles" and is compiled as new data comes in and is assessed by the agents who sift through the data and give meaning to it. It was her job then to highlight the threat matrix, which focuses on terrorism and Americans who hate Obama, and some things are degraded, because one can not hand a list of 1000 events in a Russian money laundering might be the juicy details to Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton, but it would be Ben Rhodes running this and probably briefing Val-erie Jarrett, who would give plausible deniability to image Obama.

Every operation in the Obama White House was geared to protecting Birther Hussein. It is why the IRS targeting the Tea Party left no tracks, no more than Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch in Arizona. There are insulatory separations operating in a White House which protects leaders from the operations.
George W. Bush running Iran Contra, and the insulators were Richard Secord and Oliver North conducting operations.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for Susan Rice, but one can understand how this fake intelligence was implanted, political operatives did not care if it was true or not, as once you start data mining Donald Trump, chances are something damning will appear to be leaked, and then how when the Baltic fake intelligence did not produce, that it appears someone at DNC leaked Wikileaks to Julian Assange, and Hillary Clinton realizing this, used the cover of Russian hacking to taint the documents......and that not working produced the MI6 dossier on Pissgate, and when that did not work the frenzy was in the Obama regime and all protections were removed in Towergate spying, as the operation went out of control.

Do not overlook the one name the inquiry pointed to and never appears, as he sits with James Comey who has been unrepentant and lying to Congress as he was investigating Donald Trump for almost a year for blackmail information and never revealed that.
Yes the Cybercom commander and no one ever mentions him, and gives him complete cover along with Comey. That point so deep state while these others like Susan Rice are expendable.

Michael S. Rogers - Wikipedia

Michael S. "Mike" Rogers (born October 31, 1959) is a United States Navy admiral who serves as Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Commander of the U.S ...

The Washington Post reported on 19 November 2016 that Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper Jr. had recommended to President Obama that Rogers be terminated as director of the National Security Agency. Carter reportedly recommended he be terminated due to poor performance, whereas Clapper considered it wise that the position be held by a civilian. Both Clapper and Carter had put Rogers on notice for poor performance in internal security and for a poor leadership style. His termination was reportedly delayed due to stalled changes to the bureaucratic structure of the intelligence community. Later, Rogers reportedly met with then President-elect Donald Trump without notifying his supervisors in what is an unprecedented action for a military officer. Trump was reportedly considering replacing Clapper with Rogers as DNI, however that position went to former Senator Dan Coats, with Rogers remaining NSA director.

Now why is someone this notoriously incompetent and insubordinate still in the Trump Administration and we are all told to focus on little Susan Rice, who appears too unaware to do anything but be led around by her masters.

If I were Susan Rice, I would gain the representation of Vernon Jordan, schedule a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, place in writing what I knew and did not know, allow follow up questioning in the meeting and reach an agreement that I would not be prosecuted, but would assist in this investigation of her subordinates.

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