Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cherrystone Files: The Putin Dossier

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone knows about the fake Pissgate dossier on Donald Trump, but there is another dossier which appeared too, and it is one on President Vladimir Putin, and as Mike Cernovich has picked up the phrase coined here in fake intelligence, it is time that the Lame Cherry reveals a week later than I intended the answer to something which has puzzled numbers of people.

The puzzle and the question deals with just what was it that turned candidate Donald Trump to a peacemaker with Vladimir Putin to President Donald Trump the war maker.

The answer is the Putin dossier.

The Putin dossier is a mirror image of the Christopher Steele of MI6 dossier assembled on Donald Trump, but in this collection and creation is one which is based on known assessments, discussions by Vladimir Putin and some creative fake intelligence to convince those being indoctrinated with this dossier a mindset that Vladimir Putin is engaged in one of thee most sinister schemes in world history.

All of this relates back to the Cold War, and for those who remember those interesting days, Spetsnaz played a major role in the first strike capabilities of the Soviet Union. In those 1970 era days, every once in awhile some western European would stumble upon a weapon's cache in a remote location. This was the Russian special forces prepositioning weapons and materials for guerilla raids inside Europe to soften up NATO defenses and create turmoil in the European backfield.

This was not alone a European reality as the Soviets had prepositioned around a dozen nuclear weapons inside America, to detonate, if the situation deteriorated to the point of a real war had broken out.

It is on the basis of this former Cold War information and Russian preparation for fighting a war against the west that the Putin dossier was assembled, as Russia was humiliated by Bush and Clinton under Boris Yeltsin and then misused and lied to by W. Bush, to the extent of Obama's intrigue, that the Kremlin could read the John McCain tea leaves on the wall, that the Ukraine and Syria were to be front battle lines to hang Vladimir Putin from the nearest lamp post.
So in preparation, as America has prepared operations in war games against Russia and China, Vladimir Putin was recorded discussing these measures and certain materials were located which revealed that from riots in Europe to the decapitation of the American government, Spetsnaz was in Russian national security preparing the battlefield for a Russian advantage.

As stated above, there is real intelligence in this Putin dossier and there is created intelligence to bring Donald Trump to the conclusion of absolute malevolence against Russia. The last eruption of this was the direct targeting of Russian Soldiers in the Ivanka missile salvo into Syria.
What President Trump did was akin to baseball, in he deliberately threw a 100 mile an hour fast ball at President Putin to "brush him back" and to show Putin who was in charge in Trump was not going to be pushed around and receive a Spetsnaz pre strike.

What the Tomahawk salvo was, was a calculated risk in Russia would not respond immediately, which Russia has not, but it brings the reality that Russia in process is responding to other actions as in creating an electronic warfare beachhead in Nicaragua. Again as America has a massive array in the Baltic states spying on Russia, it is Russia's self protection to be in South America, but these details appear in the dossier and according to those manipulating Donald Trump with the enhanced or fake intelligence proves to the President that Vladimir Putin is measuring not only the White House for curtains, but Melania Trump for his size.

The Lame Cherry posted on what the inquiry stated that the CIA Director lied to President Trump on a previous occasion in keeping the President in the dark. This is not something new, but what is a puzzlement to this popular girl is how Donald Trump in the campaign recognized fake intelligence as a massive problem, suddenly believed every thing these dossiers were saying after "they were his intelligence" in never questioning if it was enhanced or like the Pissgate dossier moved to the realm of fake intelligence.

This file which was shown President Trump, was created or crafted for his forensic psychological profile to gain the exact reaction which the deep state desired. It is a file with the Trump psychosis in the things which would trigger him in assessments of his father, Fred Trump and the Ivanka.

I did not inquire as to all of the details as it does not matter. What is of concern is that it is working on the psychology of Donald Trump and has him engaged in starting World War IV, and by Kushner 400 million dollar bribes has Donald Trump trusting the Peking girls who are playing him to their own advantage.

It makes a bit more sense in the opposite reactions which Donald Trump has been engaged in, much to the disquiet of those who voted for him.

It has all been effective, and now this fake intelligence has established United States foreign policy. It is what it is in another inquiry of the matrix, and a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.