Monday, April 10, 2017

Donald Trump Fails At Bad Cop

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you missed this, and it is important, President Donald Trump embarked on a bad cop in his Tomahawk form to follow the good cop of Rex Tillerson.

The problem is it did not work in another failure of the Donald Trump attempts at foreign policy, in dealing with Moscow or Peking.
All of this matters as Cheri Berens has been quoting local sources that NON SYRIANS were killed on that Tomahawk salvo by Ivanka.

Kremlin: Tillerson Not Meeting With Putin | The Daily Caller

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is meeting with Kremlin officials in Moscow on Tuesday, ... Peskov did not elaborate on why Putin will not meet with ...

The Russian commanders on the ground in Syria are releasing statements of shooting anything American on sight. That kind of reaction points to Spetsnaz was on ground in special operations and Russia is not admitting to the losses for reason.
Iran would be making an issue of it to rally Islam. China did not care, so that returns to President Donald Trump is likely to have killed Russians on the ground and it was deliberate.

The Trump Administration has destroyed for the next 8 years any cooperation with Russia, if the world now lasts that long.

The Lame Cherry does not intend to humiliate President Trump in revealing these realities, but to teach the public that there is an absolute danger the entire world is now in together due to more insider policy produced by the cartel to bring about the Great Eurasian War, which America will be reduced to an 18th century village.

All of this Putin response to Trump response has been factored in. Inspiration points to the minute that the President hesitates, there will be an event to bring about the response to drive this forward.

Enough of the lesson for now.