Saturday, April 1, 2017

Cherrystone Files: The Wetbots of 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Tiger Lily was telling me, "The reason the liberal elite are terrified of Russian propaganda is their Maxine Waters trolls will believe anything you tell them, because liberals manipulate and lie to their mind numbed wetbots constantly".

There has been a great deal of attention since Donald Trump's God given victory in giving praise to Katie Walsh and Mike Shields GOP data bases, Jared Kushner's Alamo voter suppression and Robert Mercer's Cambridge Analytica, as second only dangers to the voters of the world, compared to Russian bots trolling news stories as the peoples of the West.

The leftists are simply paranoid obsession phobic over what Robert Mercer is taking credit for with Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica in the Trump victory and in Brexit.

It’s the database, and what may happen to it, that particularly exercises Paul-Olivier Dehaye, a Swiss mathematician and data activist who has been investigating Cambridge Analytica and SCL for more than a year. “How is it going to be used?” he says. “Is it going to be used to try and manipulate people around domestic policies? Or to ferment conflict between different communities? It is potentially very scary. People just don’t understand the power of this data and how it can be used against them.”
There are two things, potentially, going on simultaneously: the manipulation of information on a mass level, and the manipulation of information at a very individual level. Both based on the latest understandings in science about how people work, and enabled by technological platforms built to bring us together.

The reality is that Robert Mercer's Tavistock Institute based mind conditioning has been tried out in Afghanistan and other theaters of war.

But there was another reason why I recognised Robert Mercer’s name: because of his connection to Cambridge Analytica, a small data analytics company. He is reported to have a $10m stake in the company, which was spun out of a bigger British company called SCL Group. It specialises in “election management strategies” and “messaging and information operations”, refined over 25 years in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In military circles this is known as “psyops” – psychological operations. (Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.)

The biggest fish of course was Ted Cruz in the Republican primary who Mercer backed.

When Mercer supported Cruz, Cambridge Analytica worked with Cruz.

As the liberals wring their hands over Robert Mercer's mind control, the Lame Cherry has these two points in all of this Facebook and Amazon shopping data tracking of people, and the first is the raving success of Afghanistan in being transformed into a Christian pro American paradise, where the Taliban has vanished, and the second is how pleased all of us were with the landslide victory of Ted Cruz over Donald Trump and his further wiping out Hilllary Clinton in all 50 states to become President for life............

Psyops changed absolutely nothing in the Muslim mind and psyops changed absolutely nothing in the American mind. The reality is the radical imam telling the Muslim their rage had a place to rape and murder in what they desired to hear, and the 23% for Ted Cruz that he was their constitutional messiah was a ceiling which Cruz could not break out of........BECAUSE AS THE LAME CHERRY PROVED, ONE CAN NOT MOVE ANY MIND TO BELIEVE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT IT ALREADY BELIEVES.

If Mercer's data mining mattered or Russian bots mattered, then Cruz would be President or Obama would have been given a 3rd term as Obama was flexible for Medvedev and Putin.
The fact is psyops work on weak minds and timid souls, along with egotistical intellectuals, hence the liberal mind and heart. Psyops do not persuade though masses of people not inclined to what they are being conditioned with.
In example, Hillary Clinton could smear Donald Trump as a rapist, but the majority who have decided to vote for Donald  Trump, will make excuses for locker room speech, just as the majority did for Bill Clinton raping women, because the majority did not want wimpy HW Bush or fossil Bob Dole as President.

Colonel Robert Lansdale "the ugly American" was a master at psychological warfare, in 3rd world arenas as in Vietnam, because he understood the Asian mind triggers or blundered into a French American version the South Vietnamese would understand. It worked for regime change in the South, but if Lansdale was the mind guru which all agree he was, then North Vietnam could have been conquered with radio broadcasts as it was not with bombs.

This is why the Mercer of Oz behind the curtain is an illusion. The stimulation of the voting primate is what the Lame Cherry has stated in 15% vote for what is pretty or handsome, 30% each which are set on each side who will believe the earth is either flat or round, 30% who do not care and will never respond, and remaining 25% who claim they are thoughtful in clinging to an intellectual superiority, but have already made up their minds in prejudice and bias in what is attractive to them.

So when a politician uses key words in "Make America Great Again" in Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in "Stronger Together", it triggers each mass group division in either strength to take what one wants or in weakness binding together to take what one wants, and feeding in code words as Radical Islam spikes story feed on Facebook, it ignores the reality that the voters are not on Facebook, but a billion fake profiles are.

It has always been telling people what they want to hear. Walter Mondale in 1984 ruined himself by telling the truth in he would raise taxes and Ronald Reagan was a liar for not saying it. In 1988, George HW Bush lied in stating "read my lips no new taxes" and beat another liberal in Michael Dukakis bathing in raising  taxes.

Donald Trump can be crafted to speak code words for computer codex, but that same codex was running overtime for Hillary Clinton who was speaking code for her hostage voters deciding to not vote.

There’s nothing accidental about Trump’s behaviour, Andy Wigmore tells me. “That press conference. It was absolutely brilliant. I could see exactly what he was doing. There’s feedback going on constantly. That’s what you can do with artificial intelligence. You can measure ever reaction to every word. He has a word room, where you fix key words. We did it. So with immigration, there are actually key words within that subject matter which people are concerned about. So when you are going to make a speech, it’s all about how can you use these trending words.”
Wigmore met with Trump’s team right at the start of the Leave campaign. “And they said the holy grail was artificial intelligence.”
Who did?
“Jared Kushner and Jason Miller.”
 Those who are buying into this data mining and psychological manipulation have missed the reality of 2016 in 2016 by God's Grace revealed a generational operation of the demon machine conditioning Americans created a situation, the same as 1980 in Reagan, 1992 in Newt Gingrich and 2016 in Donald Trump, in Americans in majority have an intelligence greater than Pavlov's dog in when given the correct American message they respond to victories, which are greater than the vote fraud of the cartel which can not overcome it.

What this all comes to is the reality of psychological manipulation, not every mouse will step into a trap for cheese, because not all mice are hungry and not all mice eat cheese. What the Lame Cherry explains is the simple Truth in, propagandists can try to convince minds to follow the masses to a tyrant as Obama proved it is more important to manipulate people in lies, that you are the person they would follow.
That still did not convince enough people, and it hearkens back to those who count the votes control the nation, in other words in modern terms, those who have control over the e vote programming machines control the 10 million votes that Obama flipped for him in two elections stolen, and in Robert Mercer writing clever computer programs can electronically manipulate a winner to a certain extent, as readily as Hillary Clinton in hiding literally millions of votes of Bernie Sanders in California.

Populations can be propagandized on GLOBAL WARMING, and when that is tainted, the new mantra of CLIMATE CHANGE can appear with the same lies, but the same human mind in mass rejects that propaganda as the human will by instinct recognize the lie and the threat, and reject it.

The world population has been over stimulated and hence a natural selection has been genetically created which are not the same riotous mob of Biblical times protesting St. Paul without knowing what they were screaming about for three hours. In modern definition, George Soros hires a rent a mob to provide an impression to all the primates sitting exhausted at home that they are overwhelmed, until the rent a mob simply exhausted returns home to enjoy the payments of Soros.

In a vacuum, the fake news of Russian hacking would prevail, but as this blog proves, there is a yearning for the Truth, and a few posts providing links, connecting the dots of what is obviously before the masses, undoes a billions of dollar manipulation, and that is not accomplished with bots or codex. It is God in human to human contact.

Are all humans ignorant and stupid? Of course they are, the most educated are the greatest vacuous minds and most easily manipulated, and why they are terrified of some boogerman bots or even the Bible, because lying to oneself is how they survive in bliss and being ignorant of God is their salvation until Judgment.

Donald Trump will be a success not because of Twitter or bots. It will be because he keeps his word and promises. If he chooses to break his word and advocate for not keeping a promise, then he will be abandoned. It is why the liberals got HW Bush to raise taxes in being a liar, and it is why the liberals are busy with getting Mr. Trump to abandon Trumpcare.

This concludes the Lame Cherry white paper on the wetbots of 2016.