Saturday, April 1, 2017

Obama Fools Day

 The U.S. intelligence official who “unmasked,” or exposed, the names of multiple private citizens affiliated with the Trump team is someone “very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world,” a source told Fox News on Friday.
As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

NSA Chief Admiral Michael Rogers - National Security Agency

Adm. Rogers is a native of Chicago and attended Auburn University, graduating in 1981 and receiving his commission via the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps.
 That is what inquiry points to. I had hoped it was Susan Rice as with the lovely Evelyn Farkas on display, this was so much nicer to think about, as after all we have Ivanka Trump putting vulvas on display and using tax payer dollars to promote them over little boys.
Things are so much nicer with attractive women to make things interesting.

Heads of the intelligence community and the DoJ can unmask according to Comey. NSA Head Mike Rogers said about 20 people at the NSA can unmask Americans on calls with foreign entities being wiretapped. It’s clear there are a lot more than 20 in the FBI alone.
Comey said people who had access are: heads of intelligence departments, Loretta Lynch and deputies like Sally Yates of the DoJ, and Susan Rice as National Security Advisor. He did not know if Ben Rhodes had access.

We don’t know about Ben Rhodes, a self-confessed liar, but we do know Susan Rice likely had the information and she’s provably a liar.

The answer to this is not about Mike Rogers. It is who took what Mike Rogers is indicated as having requested, and disseminated it to smear President Trump in this coordinated coup on President Trump.

We know that John Kerry's State Department was engaged in a wholesale document drop to democrats in Congress from the Obama executive order 12333 which disseminated all of this classified information, but none of this is unmasked information is the triad of this coup which involved three document drops to US intelligence which triggered this frenzied unmasking.

  1. Russian money laundering to Trump campaign, from Estonian intelligence.
  2. Russian hacking / the spying at Trump Tower by MI6 for NSA.
  3. Pissgate

The umasking part of this fake intelligence plant was the low end. It is almost impossible to prove that NSA Mike Rogers requested unmasking for pictures of Melania's tampons. The process to unmask goes into the NSA, is reviewed and then granted.

All of this was designed to be deniable. It was all based on Fake Intelligence like Dan Rather in Forgegate. HW Bush gave him confirmed sources and Rather sunk himself. Obama Clinton Bush were given the exact fake intelligence they were looking for.
Unless there is a memo from the Obama political appointments requesting Rogers to unmask the names for Hamrod Clinton, this is deniable.

This then had the FBI nosing around looking for blackmail to use against either Clinton or Trump for the system to keep control, and imploded into this keystone cops in these Obama stooges were so hyped up that they believed every bit of fake intelligence, to the extent that you have this sad Evelyn Farkas destroying herself and her career, sounding like some George Soros media release, in now blaming Russia for spreading her confession on NBC, but her confession was not a confession, it was all just a silly woman excited by all she knew.
No wonder Ivanka Trump needs to promote vaginas as these women of the modern regime confess to crimes without even a visit from Homeland.

These people in the regime were so out of control over this, that they were ready to skirt the line and actually commit felonies ruining their lives. know that hiring of prostitutes to piss in a it was not Trump, who do you think was the inspiration for that bit of fake intelligence, and is now sweating it is coming out in it was them.