Monday, April 10, 2017

China Plays Trump Card

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you noticed from the headlines out of the PLA communist China after President Xi met with Donald Trump, that the communists could not have printed more glowing commentary than if Mr. Trump was Mr. Moa.

Chinese state media praise Xi-Trump meeting | Daily Mail Online

Chinese state media said Jinping and Trump seemed 'equally enthusiastic' during their meeting; Donald Trump ... Xi at Florida retreat | South China ... praises fan ...

That would seem odd as the US keeps shoving US warships up the Chinese rectum and there is that little problem of nuclear North Korea and a war there. In that though, the Lame Cherry will lay out for you the China Policy of Peking, as it is a typical Chinese devious throat slitting policy in a Shanghai back ally.

So you get this, Russia has been promising for Chinese cooperation, the pinning down of American in the Mideast, expansion to South America and Alaska for the Chicoms, if Mr. Trump does not behave himself.
As Mr. Trump is not promoting peace, now there will be the Simmering War to degrade the United States for her defeat.

America in Donald Trump, has been promising China if it does not assist Russia and stays out of North Korea, it's sphere of influence in Asia, expanding slave labor trade where Americans are replaced by Muslims and Mexicans, and Siberia with all of the land and resources, once Russia is divided up by George Soros.

Sounds like a pretty good deal eh? Russia promises China American oil and Alaska and America promises China Russian oil and land, as Peking smiles and nods to both.

Now here is the Peking girl policy.

China sits there in their sinister Asian deep game, and says, "Why don't I pretend to be friends to both America and Russia, fiegning support, and assist in Russia and America becoming involved in a nuclear exchange, where Peking then can simply "assist" in rebuilding Russia and America, as it annexes by placing chopsticks on the tundra in Siberia and Alaska.

As the Lame Cherry reported, when President Xi made an unscheduled stop in Alaska, it was to check out his future acquistion and invasion point, because you do realize in the Chinese mind that they reason "if we only had Siberian and Alaskan resources, China would be energy independent and have most of the raw wealth it would require to become the 1000 year superpower as these Occidental Russian and Americans existed in huts do to that most fortunate nuclear war that Donald Trump Trump was playing his China card at Mar Largo.

See Americans are not the only ones who have cards to play. Donald Trump played the China card, but China played the Trump card and took the game, and Donald Trump was not aware that he had been snookered.

Now because of the Lame Cherry, you have an understanding again of how to correctly view the world, and unfortunately as President Trump views the world through Ivanka pink glasses, he is unaware, as the American economy is in ruins and will  not recover, because Mr. Trump is false flagging in Syria and Korea, wasting more debt money Americans can not afford.

The President does not look so Sundance smart now in all the Kushner propaganda, once you know more of the picture. But hey, the Kushner's got 400 million dollars to con Donald Trump into this PLA scam as so what that America is incinerated in a nuclear war and China takes  all the American oil and the 49th state, as Donald Trump played the hand shuffled from the Shylock deck of Jared Kushner and the West Wing Cabal.

When the Chicoms are praising you, they have just handed you your ass on a platter.

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