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Chinese Espionage Inside the Trump White House

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Kushner’s goal, according to White House and transition officials, is to broaden and improve the relationship, (China) despite several persistent challenges.

What has been behind the absolute dangerous bitch slapping of Russia by President Donald Trump in the Syrian Tomahawk fiasco, now has been discovered to be rooted in 30 pieces of silver, the Shylock pound of flesh, because this nuclear world war all began in Trump Trans as Jared Kushner joined with Henry Kissinger, where Kissinger sought to make Kushner his last act in Kissinger's personal political protege.

The Kushner channel was established shortly after the election with the help of former secretary of state Henry Kissinger. In a series of meetings with top Chinese officials, Kushner and other Trump aides set the tone and broad agenda for the coming summit,

As you read the following quotes, you will discover a policy which developed which not only endangered the world, but was treasonous and treacherous against Americans and her allies.
If you notice in this Mike Flynn appeared at the beginning of this, the same pro Russian adviser, but the same adviser who was destroyed by Jared Kushner and Obama coup operations, because a Neo Chicom Policy was being generated which was all centered on Peking communism.

Kushner’s goal, according to White House and transition officials, is to broaden and improve the relationship, despite several persistent challenges. That drive runs counter to the views of other top officials who want to confront Beijing on various issues, as Trump promised during the campaign.
In mid-November, Kissinger met Kushner, national security adviser designate Michael Flynn and the president-elect at Trump Tower. Trump asked Kissinger to travel to Beijing and deliver a verbal message to Xi saying that everything was on the table in terms of bilateral cooperation. Kissinger met Xi in Beijing on Dec. 2, and Xi sent back a private reply conveying China’s wish to set up an early meeting of the two presidents.
That same day, Trump took a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, prompting a rebuke from the Chinese foreign ministry. But despite public tensions, private wooing between the two sides continued. Kissinger met with top Trump aides, including Kushner, on Dec. 6 and encouraged them to meet with Chinese state councilor Yang Jiechi. Yang and Ambassador Cui Tiankai came to Trump Tower for two meetings with top Trump officials Dec. 9 and Dec. 10, hosted in Kushner’s office.

It all makes sense of course in why China suddenly was going to support Donald Trump as it has positioned them perfectly, to instigate a war between America and Russia, which would leave China as the global superpower untouched to rule. This is Peking policy and the Chicoms are leading President Trump around on a leash, and it now turns out that it was Jared Kushner who put the leash on that Henry Kissinger measured Trump's neck for.

What though does China get out of the Kushner Kissinger Faustian sale of the American soul to the dragon of Peking?

In the meetings, Yang laid out a list of Chinese requests. China wants the Trump administration to adopt its concept of “a new model of great power relations,” Xi’s proposal to avoid conflict and focus on cooperation. China also wants Trump to endorse Xi’s signature “One Belt, One Road” initiative, China’s massive regional infrastructure and development project. China also seeks U.S. noninterference in issues it considers core interests, including Taiwan, Tibet and its internal affairs.

In exchange, the Chinese are prepared to offer as-yet-unspecified investment proposals to help advance Trump’s domestic agenda of creating jobs. Kushner and Cui have kept in close communication and the Chinese leadership has come to rely on the Kushner channel, which was used to help arrange the coming summit.

To translate this, China via Kushner suckered Donald Trump to give China everything it lusts for in turning China into a modern infrastructure superpower, by America not moving to conflict with China (But with Russia instead) so China keeps make slave trade profits, destroying American jobs, as China "cooperates" just enough to inflame American and Russian relations, while America abandons human rights in Tibet, standing for Christians persecuted in China and throws away American ally, Taiwan.

And what does America receive?  The paper tiger promise of the same whore money Hillary Clinton got for Obama spending. If you need this explained, what Jared Kushner negotiated was in exchange for Chinese global rapine and dominance, as Kushner sells America to be funded by CHINA BUYING UP AMERICA.

If you need this explained further, Kushner, Kissinger and Trump for a vain promise of the criminals in Peking, just said China can BUY UP AMERICA FOR THEIR PROSPERITY AND NOT AMERICA'S, as the owners and investors get rich, not the peasant American forced slave labor workers.

As this probably needs to be said as the Trump Echo Chamber propagandizes all things Trump, what Jared Kushner negotiated is anti American, and is pure treachery and treason. It is the policy of HW Bush in building China off of American poverty for the elite making fortunes, abandons American morals, human rights, friends and allies, but this time it goes beyond HW Bush and Bill Clinton's bribes from China, Obama's debt funding from Peking, no this time Jared Kushner SOLD AMERICA TO HER ENEMIES.

Yes, yes, I know that President Trump is best friends with President Xi who is Trump's gentleman friend, but when you know the entire story that this is Chinese manipulation to foment war between America and Russia in nuclear holocaust, and in the meantime it destroys America completely in there is not going to be any make America Great Again in this kind of Trump trade deal, because China will own America.

It all becomes obvious and this is the last thing Americans voted for or desire. That is the exact policy of Donald Trump as set up by his son in law. It has been published but no one but this blog has exposed what this anti American policy is.
What comes next past the 400 million dollar Kushner bribe for Ivanka from China? Don jr and Eric for the TRUMP BRAND NAME getting funding for more Trump properties out of Peking as American children are poisoned by Chicom toxic food products or endangered by more Chicom inferior manufacturing?

How soon will it be before Donald Trump's ONLY AMERICAN STEEL, becomes inferior Chicom steel in American pipelines, because it is what makes the most Trump profits.

This is so reprehensible that it is disgusting. This is what some gutter pimp would do in selling his little sister on the streets. If you thought TPP would destroy America, the Trump Trade is a million times worse, as it promotes nuclear war with Russia and Donald Trump is not mindful enough to realize he is being played by Peking like a tard.

Do you need reminding of that goddamn Wendi Deng AKA Mrs. Rupert Murdoch of CHINA who keeps hanging around Ivanka, sleeping with all the powerful men, is part of this Chicom honeypot seducing these Trump's like a greased up pig in a brothel.
It is not Russians inside the Trump White House, it is goddamn PLA Chicoms with these skintrader Kushners.

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