Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lame Cherry Proven Right in Trump Spying it was British MI6!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/afp-kn5lh.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A very kind person once said after this blog was proven right that Mitt Romney was a strawman for Obama to knock down, that it was time to "write out the check" for a donation as no one believed me when I stated that.

As of late there have been trolls who smeared me on various posts in an old beach dude lying in stating I changed things..........this was that I would change things about Donald Trump starting World War IV in bombing Syria.......and another old Mormon who likes abusing women online for human reaction that a Big Foot and Elvis were part of this conspiracy, that as time proves again,  the Lame Cherry was spot on again.

As EVERYONE was talking about Russian hacking, the Lame Cherry stated it was BRITISH HACKING which started all of this........and now the evidence has come forth again proving the Lame Cherry RIGHT AGAIN.

British Intel Gave Obama Admin Surveillance on Trump Associates...

I realize that there are pathetic people who are jealous of this popular girl as they think how can God talk to me, and how can anyone be fans of someone who deliberately leaves words misspelled, writes in nattering nuttery and takes none of this stage serious, and there are paid MOGS who are sent out to smear me as that is there minder job, but it always comes back to the fact that the Lame Cherry months ago told you this was a British led coup against America, not Russian, and voila the Truth comes out again.

I know it is hard for people to believe the things that post here, as they get lied to most of the time elsewhere and jealousy gets in the way. It is a point that God talks to everyone who listens and will obey the Word without questioning. Granted I was created by a prayer and conceived on Thanksgiving by my non fertile Mother, but all the same I am not an Elisha, even if I yearn to be. I have to work to exhaustion to be Inspired as God is growing me, and that is the fact is most people want a relationship with God to be easy, when nothing is easy about this blog or this relationship which I cling to God with in all my strength and focus.

The greatest disappointment is I have Alan Shepherd walking on the moon moments daily on this blog, and while he could build a Bob Woodward career on these accomplishments, I do not have that luxury, because an exclusive today is something no one cares about tomorrow. It is a match lit in a flame and gone out by the next day as people demand another light to entice and thrill them each day. So I never get to enjoy or catalogue all of the exclusives which God provides, and the reality is now in something around over 12,000 posts I have assembled by God's Grace more exclusives than everyone in media in all world history.
I do not state that to brag, it is simple fact, and the great disappointment as it never matters to a few billonaires who think that wasting millions on some PAC or some candidate is going to get them their yellow brick road.

Anyway, more exclusives tomorrow as the Lame Cherry proven right again, and all the detractors are made fools of and now have their sins sealed to them to answer to God in Judgment for which there is no forgiveness.

Late last year Comey threw more FBI resources into what became a far-reaching counter-intelligence investigation. In March he confirmed before the House intelligence committee that the agency was examining possible cooperation between Moscow and members of the Trump campaign to sway the US election.
Comey and the NSA director, Admiral Michael Rogers, said there was no basis for the president’s claim that he was a victim of Obama “wiretapping”. Trump had likened the unproved allegation to “McCarthyism”.
Britain’s MI6 spy agency played a part in intelligence sharing with the US, one source said. MI6 declined to comment. Its former chief Sir Richard Dearlove described Trump’s wiretapping claim on Thursday as “simply deeply embarrassing for Trump and the administration”.

Odd how intelligence circles all knew that Jared Kushner was not a close associate to ever listen to or unmask.