Thursday, April 13, 2017

Christian Perspectives to survive a Trump in Mania

Editor's Note: Evil people get off the blog as your sins are bound to you in Jesus Name. Amen, Amen and Amen.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I promised to write something about this, as the American majority are quite despondent over the incarnation of Ivanka Trumpenfuror as President with the dummkopf holding Herodian court over American policy from the financial capitals of the world.

None of you are to react or start spouting off online threatening people or getting yourselves into trouble. That is not going to solve anything, and you must be fully aware now the threats of the White House against the Freedom Caucus are real, as in Conservatives. This White House in Trump Trans literally locked the doors on Christians, after Reince Priebus manipulated them and Donald Trump promised great Evangelical things. So when Katie Walsh is fired and then employed to raise money to obliterate the American Right, fully realize that when CONservative Treehouse is posting ludicrous Trump propaganda in you are an enemy or a friend of the Donald Litmus Test, know that the same Alamo Group which was suppressing the Black vote in 2016 in taking names, is taking your names, selling them, and Kushner is making the enemies list for Homeland interviews and crackdowns, because these are the same liberals who voted for Obama and Clinton.

All is not lost and there is always hope. We take now the crumbs which is all we will receive, as Rationed Death is the law of the land and so is your being robbed in high premiums. There is not going to be an August tax break or economic package. When one comes, you are going to be gouged more and Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce will get the tax cuts.
The Obama invasion is now the Trump invasion, in Donald Trump is still pouring Muslims into America and all these foreigners "for work" at the conglomerates to replace you.

As stated before, you must focus on Christ. He will not let you down nor abandon you. Put your psychological and Spiritual center in Christ, and then you stop being thrashed about by the whims of Ivanka prevailing on the President.
Each of you have a life yet, and need the same focus when you were Obama despondent. One of the people who write this blog recently took a trip in a girls outing with her daughter and granddaughter. Another took their child to Disneyland. It is your life, your money, and your decisions in YOU ARE IN CONTROL. So enjoy your lives to give yourselves a semblance of stability.

For those who are compelled to do something. I would suggest David Lane. For those who are not familiar with Mr. Lane, it was the under workings of his Christians who organized a great deal of what God worked through to secure Mr. Trump the victory in states he had absolutely no chance in.
Where is Mr. Lane? In the Trump wilderness as he is not welcome as no Christians are.

David Lane (activist) - Wikipedia

David Lane (born c. 1955) is an American political activist who works to increase the political strength of religious groups on the Christian right, to promote social ...

What Mr. Lane though is building is organizing Ministers to run for Congress. This is where you look to build upon that powerful and organized base. Research what is going on with Mr. Lane in your state, and if nothing is there, then try to find out how to work with his organization.
You might have someone you could suggest or speak with to run for public office to add another Conservative Christian voice. It might be you if you feel the calling to get involved in this smarmy world.
The point is put yourself in a positive direction. Begin to understand that politics is about local organizing and then coordinate to work with every Church to make them a platform in your district to get your CHRISTIAN REPRESENTATION IN CONGRESS.

It is your responsibility to find positive ways to deal with this situation.

If you have someone like Louis Gohmert from Texas, then you already are a step ahead. You are going to learn that donation blogs and political campaigns both pay attention to and are powered by money. I know many of you are poor like me, but if you have some Republican in your district as a Representative, donating 20 bucks gets you on the POSITIVE LIST. Be reminded these frauds are not going to listen to you and put you on a dipshit list the first time you start talking things to them, but you make that 20 list local, and of course you will be sold to the national RNC, but do not donate to them.

If you are so inclined, you can contact these campaigns about how you could raise money for them in some coffee group or perhaps a block party. Campaigns just love organized groups and if you get enough people, and then some high rollers involved, you become what is known as a bundler, and those people always get their phone calls answered, and amazingly if your candidate gets into power, you end up in the spoils positions like Katie Walsh and Mike Shields.

It is all a gamble as sometimes campaigns are stolen, but if you check the data in the voting rolls in who is voting in numbers, in most cases you can formulate your own plan to get the vote out and make a politician owe you.

I absolutely have not the time, nor the inclination now as I am too busy doing this blog here in God's work, but 10 years ago I looked at my democratic district, and discovered even if the GOP would not run here, that if I moved 500 votes, I would sweep the GOP into power here.
I know how to do it. I know the concentration to sway the votes, and I would catch democrats flat footed. I simply do not have the time, do not want to be the candidate, and do not care to pursuade people I am more gifted than to lead me.  In most cases, it can be done, except in the worst of monopoly voting.

It is easy to sit on Facebook and spout off. The real challenge is to get involved by working with the system that is in place to make it more powerful, or to tag some upcoming troll in assisting them, so you become powerful in the system.

The only opportunity America has for anything now is to in the House produce a block of around 100 Conservative Congress people, to join the Freedom Caucus. That accomplished for 2019 if America is still around.

Idle hands are the devil's workshop and being sedate just builds depression. You must do the things you enjoy which are wholesome and you must find a positive outlet for your energies.