Friday, April 28, 2017

Disturbing Reversals Concerning the White House Inner Circle

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The difference between Donald Trump 2016 and Donald Trump 2017 has devolved into a Reverse Speech by David John Oates reversals to a reality for all of us which is beyond troubling.
In the reversals from Trump, McMaster and Mattis, they use the word FUCK in connection with war with North Korea. This is a power rape of a nation, and Donald Trump in reversals states he is going to "force" situations for war.
McMaster, the master of fake intelligence reveals in a reversal that it is "ridiculous" in what this administration is engaged in, but they are still going to FUCK or make war. McMaster also states that America needs this war with North Korea, this is about American debt, and nothing to do with what Kim Jong Un is engaged in.

Bernie Sanders states that what is taking place in Syria will bring Armageddon or Shoa. Nikki Haley is stating she sits on hell or global death.

Newt Gingrich's sources have provided him information which states that South Korea will be obliterated, this will be a final push and that the Bushism of Simmon, the desert wind of the Gulf Wars is come to Korea.

As David John Oates stated, buy your survival supplies. Mr. Oates is concluding this is current time line, some other popular girl might in inquiry saw a time line trending several months in the future.

Donald Trump references December again. He spoke of evil December and it is not known if this is the same December in future or a different incident involving terrorism that was learned from.

The entire inner circle is moving for a horrendous war and that the President's mindset is the terrorists have the right formula in decapitations. This inner circle is seeking to decapitate regimes they have targeted.

What you are reading below  is what the inner circle has concluded,  and what is leaking out to people like Newt Gingrich.

Donald Trump

North Korea - We'll fuck regime

Not taking advantage of by other countries - Pass Senate

MOAB bombing proud of military - But I'll force

MOAB not a message to North Korea - December's lesson

Canada has tremendous surplus - I need to sell person ambush

Iran deal - Send them that savior (Trump sees he is a savior)

Talking about ISIS - I want to steer it away

American forces in Mideast - Stuck in live unit (covert activity)

Eradicating evil people - They had the formula (terrorists have the correct action in decapitation, as in Assad)

Saudi Arabia not treated us fairly - They are pathetic full of sorrow.

Trump praising Jewish Passover - We sell God

Canada is a disgrace on dairy farm issues - I'll thank you

Peace with Israel and Palestinians - Seek peace

Rex Tillerson

Iran supports Assad - This enemy measure

An unchecked Iran - Owes it I have missile

Iranian naval vessels - You'll fall leader

James Mattis

Working diplomatically against North Korea - I damn you with sword

Providing President with answers - Kim will fuck you

We don't scare (British)  - Break small unit

There word is not proven honest - We are missed

Russian activity Taliban - Yellow gun man I blocked it (Covert operation against Russia stopped)

HR McMaster

Take action short of action - Ridiculous still fuck

Provide options to President Trump - We need this (need the war for the economy)

Bernie Sanders

Russia stop backing Assad - Help us gonna get to the Shoa (Armageddon)

Nikki Haley

Assad's fighters destroy Aleppo - I sit for hell

Bibi Netanyahu

Do not rush - Give us Syria

Newt Gingrich

President eating with Chinese leader - Final push

South Korea prosperous - Reverse it our force (destroy Korea)

Kim will back down under pressure - We shout Simmon (Desert Wind of Bush Muslim Wars)

Sean Hannity

Millions will die in Japan - They believe it