Friday, April 28, 2017

With Sincere Thanks

I sincerely wanted to thank those who anointed me with kind words or other offerings. I appreciate your thinking of me, our family and the plants and animals. All of us learn from the Wisdom God bestows on all in their own unique Spirit to hear the message more clearly.

I am humbled more with each passing day as the teacher is taught of the greater Light in each of you.

God bless you for your being you.


Hey dear Friend
... please don't ever think of giving up! Remember your energy comes from the Future, not from your body which is the past. I hope you can give your body a few days of rest and gather strength again from your future Self that is standing there before you on the horizon of time, with Christ on your side, in victory.
The hurt to the animals surely is a painful hurt to yourself and family. It is the way "they" can get to you. And yet, I have come to think: these animals are there on purpose, they have chosen to help you in deflecting the negativity that is aimed for you, deflecting it upon themselves. So even though, "they" may get to you through the animals, they will never really reach you because of the animals. It is the ultimate sacrifice that these animals give to help your work.
This sacrifice is a mystery.

I am not saying this to lecture... Just because I know that it is sometimes good to hear the obvious when we are in an exhausted state.
I hope your spine gets to heal itself again soon.

In sincere thoughts