Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Donald Trump's Vanished Armada for North Korea

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Upon inquiry the time line has reset again from the original Sea of Japan scenario the matrix was trending. It is now expanded to three ships not leaving the inland sea.

We return to President Trump and his fake news, from his fake intelligence advisers.

Yonhap reports that in addition to the CVN-70 Carl Vinson, which is expected to arrive off the South Korean coast on April 25, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan - currently in home port in Yokosuka, Japan - and the CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group - currently undergoing final pre-deployment assessment, Composite Training Unit Exercise off Oregon - will enter the Sea of Japan next week.

For those who worship at the word of President Trump, it must be understood that words mean things.  Donald Trump informed the world that 3 American carrier groups were going to the Sea of Japan to protect South Korea and Japan, and to "do something to North Korea".
What has followed on this is that Mr. Trump's armada disappeared, and everyone from Peking to Russia witnessed this fact as in searching for further information, I discovered that the Nimitz was NOT CERTIFIED until April 23rd, in its COMPUTEX advanced training, so it was not going to be on location in the Sea of Japan for April 25th.
In the Nimitz article I researched, this quote is damning concerning President Trump.

Nimitz Strike Group Successfully Completes COMPTUEX

With the completion of COMPTUEX, the Nimitz carrier strike group is now fully certified to deploy later this year.

The Nimitz is not going to be off Korea this week, next week or next month. The Nimitz will not deploy UNTIL LATE IN 2017.
Everyone now knows that Donald Trump is not being served by Sec. Mattis and NSA McMaster, or the Pentagon is lying to the Trump generals, or the last conclusion is Donald Trump is a harmless fool. That is the last thing the United States desires to convey to Kim Jong Un.

This becomes worse, as we discover that the USS Ronald Reagan was hiding in port, as for some feckless reason, Vice President Mike Pence went to this carrier and made a statement as she lay anchored in port.

From The USS Ronald Reagan, Pence Warns North Korea: ‘The Sword Stands Ready’

Worst of all, and yes this gets worse for United States prestige is the USS Carl Vinson is hiding behind the Philippines with the Japanese in military exercises. Russia, North Korea and China have now been shown the Americans will not enter the Sea of Japan to defend Japan or Korea.
China on the other hand was in the Yellow Sea firing off carrier killer missiles and Russia is making a point of it's Navy is living in South Korean ports, so in this military game it is the Russians and Chinese in the dangerous waters, and Nimitz is in America, Reagan is in port and Vinson is hiding behind the Philippines. This is the last message which America should have ever sent.

Carl Vinson #CarrierStrikeGroup holds bilateral at-sea ...

Carl Vinson #CarrierStrikeGroup holds bilateral at-sea exercises with JMSDF allies in the Philippine Sea on ... Carl Vinson #CarrierStrikeGroup holds bilateral at ...

This is the actors of Mattis and McMaster who are advising Mr. Trump are trying to start a war, or are being lied to by the Pentagon which is trying to start a war, and it all points to Mr. Trump  is not adept enough to understand the military situation, and is being manipulated, and is not anyone the Eurasians should pay the slightest bit of attention to, because he does not even know where his Navy is, and his Navy gives the impression it is scared or Russia, China and North Korea.

For the record,  the Reagan should have steamed to South Korea, lingered in the Japanese western ports, while her strike force maneuvered in port calls in South Korea daring Kim to hit them, as they steamed through the northern straights.
Raging that you are going to bust Kim's kimchi pot and then the ships do not appear, and are hiding is a disaster that will start a big war which will get numbers of Americans and her allies killed.

All of this make America look feckless, weak, incompetent and untrustworthy.

As stated, this blog has finished making excuses for President Trump. When he betrayed that DACA Mom in her child was killed by a Mexican driver, and the President like a coward announced he was betraying her late Friday so his breaking his word would be lost in he chose foreign children over American children, it brought a reality which could not be ignored in the President broke his word on Russia, started the next world war in Syria, is pouring in Trump legals in the same numbers as Obama illegals which America can never deport, cementing Obama's rationed death, and that the Trump contract America was a loop hole for the American Genocide, the Lame Cherry is not going to make an excuse for a President who either is a fool or is being made a fool of by the Pentagon, and he is not intelligent enough to know it and fire those who must be fired.

So this armada is not an excuse of tactics, but the reality of every intelligence and military analyst in Eurasia is now emboldened as America is not led, but is being manipulated Neocons or is incompetent in the Ivankcons.
This is the reality of the face America has presented to her enemies and allies, and everyone is now unsure of America, and that uncertainty brings not peace, but war.

None of you would have endangered America like this, and Donald Trump did. None of this can be changed and none of it can be fixed, as the impression is the reality. America has lost face to the Asians where it means everything. The only recourse for America is now to place it's Sailors in harms way to prove she is not a coward, which in turn is a game of roulette where one more barrel is loaded for nuclear war to start.

Providing advice to this President is a waste of e trees, but one last time the Lame Cherry states, the President must not enter the Sea of Japan. He must rearm South Korea with neutron warheads and cobalt bombs, along with Japan, and somehow discover that the clever Taiwanese now have cobalt bombs and nuclear submarine fleet.
This is all that remains, as the bargaining chip then is disarming South Korea for North Korea..........and knowing certainly that Russia and China are about to start arming the nations in the American sphere to give America something to juggle.

All that had to be done was make peace with Russia as the priority and none of this would have taken place.

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