Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Kinetic Hostage of Ivanka Wars

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Recently President Trump included a word in military response which had numbers of miliphilia going orgasmic with delight in the word KINETIC.

Trump Considering "Kinetic Military Action" On North Korea ...

Trump Considering "Kinetic Military Action" On North Korea Including ... President Donald Trump has been evaluating his response options and ...
To explain this, the verbiage relates to a high speed projectile of Mach 3 plus to Mach 6 impacting on a surface and creating a shock wave akin to an atomic blast in energy. All of this is what the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians  and Americans have been fixated on in next generation weapons, and the genesis of it in practical application was the Russian Sunburn, or the Carrier Killer Hypersonic Missile.

In World War II, a new phenomena appeared often enough in American High Energy Artillery Explosives in houses would be standing and people would be seated around their kitchen table dead, as if frozen in time. That is what a shock wave is and it is a meritorious killing device.

For America, the wildcat pioneers as Savage, Swift, Whelen, Keith etc...  gave rise to the introduction to the John Olin 270 Winchester which was the first large game cartridge specifically designed to produce a hydro shock wave inside an animal, in order to kill it instantly with a 130 grain bullet.

The great Roy Weatherby produced an entire line of belted magnums (metal belt on the base of a cartridge so it would not blow off when firing) which were all based upon the principle that high speeds and light bullets, made fantastic drop in their tracks kills.

Some animals as the Cape Buffalo had a unique ability to absorb and transfer shock energy in their bodies, but others like the American Grizzly much fabled for taking punishment soon started dropping in their tracks when high energy loads were delivered to them.

What this all relates to is the current United States military analysis of a super carrier can absorb 5 to 7 missiles or high energy weapons, before it would be sunk. The Lame Cherry now that President Trump is nuclear saber rattling in North Korea and Russia, contemplates a physics which apparently has not been factored in.

I begin this lesson with a question in what is the most deadly part of an aircraft carrier?

Now that you have answered, I will inform you that you are wrong, because the most deadly part of an aircraft carrier or any war machine is also the most vulnerable in it is the human. Radar is a screen, and missiles are just explosive, until a human is there to engage them in their proper use.
That sounds simpleton, but it is the reality of  World War II, Roy Weatherby and the Russian classes of hypersonic weapons.

What will make you go deaf faster, a rock concert inside or a outside?

Inside of course, because the sound waves which are concussion waves are contained.

When we were children, our favorite sport was to take two cans, a soup can and a larger can, place a nail hole in the one, insert them together and light off the firecracker in the top for our celebrations. If one just had air in the can, nothing happened. If one placed water in that can, or muddy water which was more viscous, the can would blow 30 to 40 feet in the air, in a perfect hydro transfer of small amounts of energy amplified by water.

Now return to that ship, when it is struck by a hypseronic missile. The Navy says it would take 5 to destroy a steel carrier, but what if that big tin can, filled with wetware contained the shock wave as it should, and the air pressure and energy was absorbed as it should by the humans on board.
As ships blast doors are not constantly sealed, it is logical to assume that a 5000 person Navy ship could be incapacitated with stunned, wounded and dead with only one missile. As carriers have magazines loaded with bombs, it is as likely that one missile would by shock wave detonate several bombs and begin a chain reaction.

The point in this, is one missile in practical physics would incapacitate a carrier or the carriers own magazine would destroy the ship. The point is, it will not require a massive salvo, but one missile to incapacitate a carrier and as an adversary of the United States would prefer incapacitation to sinking, because a disabled carrier in an Asian port is wonderful propaganda for the world to witness, as the North Koreans still proudly display a United States Navy Ship they acquired.

USS Pueblo captured - Jan 23, 1968 -

On this day in History, USS Pueblo captured on Jan 23, 1968. Learn more about what happened today on History.
Oh you were ignorant of that Cold War event? You really should visit North Korea and enjoy the ambiance of the tour of the US Navy Ship, complete with tour language of American Imperialist Pig, as that always is festive in enjoying the greatest trophy the North Koreans ever bagged.

So with HR McMaster and Jim Mattis' brilliant advice to President Trump is setting the stage for global propaganda for the humiliation of America. Imagine what an aircraft carrier would be for a show with Kim Jong Un sitting on the bridge launching what were once American missiles into the Sea of Japan for celebrations, and the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and all of John McCain's ISIS wanting their own floor show.

You probably forgot about tough guy George W. Bush having his spy plane captured and paying the Chicoms bribes and being humiliated in having to apologize to Peking in January 2009 too.

China Broke Secret US Military Codes After Capture Of Spy Plane

China Broke Secret US Military Codes After Capture Of Spy Plane By Charles R. Smith Posted By Special Permission Of
The disgusting nature of this is, President Donald Trumped dined with John songbird McCain who is a traitor to America as a POW, and John McCain is egging the President on to create thousands of POW's to be humiliated or their bodies held hostage for years, as there are around 4,000 Americans still missing from the last time Harry Truman put Americans into harms way.

Physics states that the disaster which awaits Trump North Korean policy is one hypersonic missile disabling a US aircraft carrier and it being taken to port in North Korea, Russia or China, for the worst hostage and public humiliation of a nation.
None of this has been factored in, in the incomplete information being provided to the far too willing President Trump.

Will American be cheering this policy when the above incidents take  place or in the event of something worse in a nuclear core ruptures from a hypersonic weapon, and 5000 radioactive Americans are dying in being rescued, as the President has to sink his own ship, because it is so contaminated that it is a threat like Fukushima.

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