Thursday, April 20, 2017

Give us this day our daily crumbs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry warned all of you that all you were going to receive were crumbs from President Donald Trump, and here are the crumbs of the White House genius, in let Sarah Palin sleep in a bed, Ted Nugent gets to shake a hand and Kid Rock a pose, and all of you whining Americans now can just shut up and let Donald Trump on fake intelligence go start world war as his economic, health and security package.

Actually go into the trenches and fight the war for Donald Trump in 2016 and your reward is a photo op.

I guess that is better than the Lame Cherry as I got the regime blocking this website from being read and being smeared by Kushner Media.

Give us this day our daily crumbs. This Trump White House is in meltdown, and that is why these worthless photo ops are appearing to attempt to con Americans that the President has not forgotten us or threatened to put Conservatives on enemies lists.

How about a national right to carry law Mr. President like you promised.

How about disarming the police state from the parks, post office to BLM Mr. President.

How about making peace with Russia Mr. President.

How about doing your job in health care, taxes and border security.

And how about Mr. President you stop treating Americans like head up the ass rednecks who are bad for the Trump Brand as we are all so poor that we could not stay in Don jr. hotel, play golf on Eric's greens or afford Ivanka's perfume.

Substance Mr. President, as no one is being fooled by this con game again of Presidents going left, ruining themselves and then expecting their cheated on voters to come running to them and pretend they have not been kicked to the curb for the past 6 months.

Maybe the American voters would like some wonderful, beautiful, deliciousful chocolate cake too Mr. President.

Was this Ivanka's idea? Priebus' plan? A Cohn Con? or did you let little Kellyanne Conway out of the tower to give her something to do in feeding the primates who came to be petted at 1600 Kushner Avenue.

Additional Information............this apparently was the work of Jared Kushner, in thinking that the primate voters thrown a few bananas would submit to the West Wing Cabal's implementation of Obama's 3rd Term.

Hold the line: Palin, 53, was later seen chatting with Jared Kushner in the Oval office while President Trump took a phone call

Sarah Palin finally managed to make her way into the Oval Office. America´s most famous hockey mom was in Washington DC this week, jetting off to the nation´s capital rather than staying back in Alaska for her youngest son Trig´s birthday so she could party at the White House with good friends Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. The former vice presidential nominee, 53, brought along her daughter Willow and her camera for the trip, sharing snaps of herself as she posed with President Trump at his desk, cozied up to Jared Kushner, and grabbed her buds Nugent and Kid Rock

Firing back: Chelsea Clinton criticized President Trump for allowing Nugent into the White House after he threatened Barack Obama, saying in 2007 that the then-senator should 'su**' on a machine gun

The answer is you Webb Hubble sperm donated race baiter is when a President is in trouble they bring in the primates as your old man brought in the Bible after raping all those women.

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