Thursday, April 20, 2017

President Trump you need more Bible Study and less McMaster Fake Intelligence Daily

As another Lame Cherry  exclusive in matter anti matter.

Daily President Donald Trump is a President under the undo influence of HR McMaster in this prelude to war. The President is spending two hours a day with the guru of fake intelligence and it is distressing as the President's every action now is either conning Veterans to remain loyal for a shooting war they will die in, or now convincing the Italians  to be ready for a Russian invasion of Europe over the activities which HR McMaster and Mad Dog Mattis have the President moving forward with as Rex Tillerson's new religion is sodomizing not the Boy Scouts, but sodomizing Eurasia with nuclear  warheads.

  • 12:00PM: President Trump leads a signing event for the Memorandum entitled Steel Imports and Threats to National Security
  • 2:00PM: President Trump meets with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster
  • 3:05PM: President Trump meets with Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy
  • 3:15PM: President Trump leads an expanded bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Gentiloni
  • 3:50PM: President Trump holds a joint press conference with Prime Minister Gentiloni – Watch LIVE

Sincerely Mr. President, how about locating some REAL Christians and begin your day with a private prayer to God in the Oval Office, and then have a two hour Bible study with Christians as blessed are the peacemakers and a private prayer in the White House with your wonderful wife, Melania to end the day.

You have no one sir asking the questions which must be asked in what you are engaged in. You are Commander in Chief sir, not a rubber stamp to what these warmongers have you engaged in. In most cases in life, nothing bad is going to happen if you do not do anything.

All of your advisers have brought you to a point that this is not  the Donald Trump you were in 2016.

Jesus is Lord of the Battle. It is time to start having Christian meetings and not war meetings every day.

Nuff Said