Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ivanka Trump Implementing Obama Policy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Every American should begin contemplating World War IV, with the reality of vaporized United States cities, entire States with populations bleeding from anus and gums from radioactive poisoning, and the United States humiliated and pushed behind her ocean walls, to pay reparations to the Eurasian victors, for whether it starts from fake intelligence from Estonia, lines in the kimchi in Korea or Ivanka Trump's Syrian Wars, war is coming as events pile upon events and take over the Trump Administration.

There is not any reason to waste effort any longer in attempting to counsel President Trump with Christian guidance as he is walled off behind a neocon curtain of trigger pullers basing their assessments on fake intelligence or Rupensal Ivanka letting down her hair and whining to Daddy, until she gets the President to commit to statements on Syrian "gas attacks" before there is any conclusive proof, and all there are, are more bodies laid out for the new manipulation of the Trump's, as how needs Michelle Obama and her hashtag foreign policy, as America has Ivanka's wimpering about how horrid an event is to hijack the US Presidency, when far more Americans have been murdered in American communities this week than in all of Syria.
But let us celebrate because Ivanka has her vaginal policies of promoting little girls over little boys, so the little boys can all end up broke or in prison, because all that matters now is what makes Ivanka feel good or Ivanka feel sad.

In the American occupation of the Philippines, there was also the occupation of the Phillipines northern islands. The American military was fully aware as was the world in how the Japanese dealt with the headhunters there. The Japanese surrounded the enclaves with electric wire, and then killed every last one of those people, and America condoned it, as what took place in any nation was that nation's business, and no other nation's.

That reality has vanished as we exist in a world now where the American taxpayer is expected to fund Rwanda relief, not to save Negroids, but because it is a way to launder money out of America for the criminal elite. This is compounded by dupes like Ivanka Trump who see propaganda photos of dead Syrians, ignoring that Obama produced 500,000 such piles of dead, but suddenly these laid out dead are all important, as Niki Haley threatens lone US action and Ivanka Trump moves Daddy to draw lines in the sand, and neither of these two women take into account that there are now over 1000 United States families with over 1000 American Soldiers in that theater who can be harmed, kidnapped or murdered, and their lives forever changed..........just because Ivanka Trump feels bad and Niki Haley wants to Amazon one up on Assad and Putin.

As Ivanka Trump has now drawn a line in the sand for her father, make her give up her West Wing office and put on a private's uniform if she can hack it, along with her chopper rider husband, and make them put their lives on the line for their policies, instead of all those deplorable Americans, as I have yet to see all of these Oval Office occupants who sent over ten thousand Americans to their deaths and tens of thousands crippled, in their Chelsea, Bush Twins, Obama adoptees or now Ivanka showing any Teddy Roosevelt vigor in placing his children in harm's ways over their blood lusts.

Polices have consequences. This sounds so retard, but it is a fact and Americans are not going to learn it, except the hard way, after their high morals and big mouths bring real nuclear terrorism, real WMD warfare in which they bleed, are defeated, and run home to America, where they will be made to pay for their crimes as judged by the Europeans.

Correct response on  Syria from the President, "The President condemns this breaking of international law and when all of the evidence and review is assessed by American intelligence, a correct American response will be initiated."

Let us return to the Ivanka Trump outburst of Wednesday morning, beating her father to a response over Syria.

Ivanka says she is 'heartbroken and outraged' at 'atrocious' Syrian chemical - as she beats her father to condemning the crisis

  • President's daughter sent a tweet Wednesday morning condemning the strike

For those who have been defending Ivanka in thinking with their twats and smearing this blog as having gone too far with the Trumpenfuror, and the FUROR is in full evidence this week, there are certain facts now involved.


Ivanka Trump has a security clearance, direct access to Dina Powell who has classified information, which had her post on Twitter a confirmation of what she was told in classified information that this was a WMD attack, by Syria, and that the Russians were liars.
Forget for a moment about American Soldiers being put into jeopardy by Ivanka Trump. Forget for a moment that Ivanka implemented Trump Administration Policy without the President or Cabinet. Forget for a moment that Ivanka Trump just increased the odds of your dying in a nuclear exchange with Russia, even forget that Ivanka Trump just pushed this to a level that she should be investigated for leaking classified information, because her revelations are equal to Evelyn Farkas, but instead remember that the Lame Cherry warned all of you Ivanka defenders of this...........and she did not have her ass in that high security clearance chair for one week, before she began the process of blowing up the world and putting herself into prison for leaking classified information.

Do not worry though about Ivanka being prosecuted just yet, because she is Obama's leftist in the White House, and she will be the political prostitute of the left until she is of no value unless turning evidence against the President for his impeachment and imprisonment.

Remember a week ago when the fake news was chanting the adults were now in charge. All of us now have this time line whether we tried to save the world or whether we were the ignorants defending it like bleating sheep.