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Correct North Korean Policy

Kim Jong-Un has enough plutonium for ten nuclear bombs, South Korea has warned

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United States foreign policy has been absolutely treacherous since Harry Truman was President, in Truman viewed General MacArthur a bigger threat than Stalin and Mao. The worst failures were HW Bush in removing neutron warheads from the defense of South Korea, the dancing dimwits of Bill Clinton with bribes, the ignorance of W. Bush and the absolute bungling of Birther Hussein.

It has reached a new zenith in the McMaster and Power era of the National Security Council now advocating a steady stream of cyber war and threats of warfare, which include Sec of Defense Mattis and Sec. of State Tillerson.

I had considered about emailing Sec. of State Tillerson, but the Trump choices are in their ivory towers and do not respond to the peasants, and as I have been informed a few times that powerful and connected people read this blog, it is hoped that perhaps since President Trump has been released from the Katie Walsh prison, that perhaps some insight will be forwarded to him, but another witless dolt who will take credit for the policy here as their was done during the campaign.

I have a certain affection for some peoples. I am naturally prejudiced and biased. I do not know why I like Polish chickens and hate Canadian Chanticelle.......something chickens. I like Slavs, Japanese, Argentinians, Koreans.........and the list is not that long, as Wormwood grazing California Mexico, and sort of flies around Latin America missing Nicaragua as they produced a Playboy centerfold in 1984 who had a pony, and I like ponies.

Where was I?

Oh yeah I like Koreans and I would not like a Korea filled with corpses, even if it led to the nullification of the cities in anarchy against President Trump. Sorry am moving on to the important content of understanding Korea.

Korea was a people who had Confucius based culture, which after the Americans flattened, obliterated and crushed Pyongyang, all that was left was rebuilding the entire society of the North on the Stalin Soviet crash program of cementing power by slaughtering everyone else, and getting the locals to chant your name.
The Russians still like Stalin for being Ivan the Terrible, but the Koreans have an entire culture mindset of Asian honor and feudal interaction.
Korea was perfectly and politely made for the Kim family to rule it as the Emperors of China subjected the tribes of what is termed "china".

Kim Il Sung's name is ubiquitous in North Korea. For example, if one is asked how one is, the model answer would be "thanks to the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, I am well," and the North Korean economy is remarkably strong "thanks to the wise guidance of Marshal Kim Il Sung." The ideology that represents the leader cult is called the Juche idea. Juche literally means "subject" and is often translated as self-reliance. In North Korea, slogans such as "Let us model the whole society on the Juche idea!" are heard daily. North Korea's official history claims that Kim Il Sung first established the Juche ideology in 1927 when he founded the Anti-imperialism Youth League in Jilin in northeastern China. The Juche idea is quite unlike Marxist historical materialism. Rather, it is a sort of idealism, placing emphasis on human belief; in this sense, it resembles a religion rather than a political ideology. Under the ideology of Juche, North Korea achieved many remarkable goals, including the economic recovery from the ashes of the Korean War. In the name of loyal dedication to Kim Il Sung, national unity was accomplished and national pride instilled North Korean citizens.

The natural subjection of Juche is prevalent in the North. The people of the second tier system adore Kim Jong Un with a mania in the military ranks for their privilege.
The key element to dealing with Kim Jong Un, is the wang dda, it means to shun.

(wang-dda) which basically means they are made a social outcast and completely ignored by EVERYONE. Even if you don’t personally have a problem with this person, interacting with them will make you a wangdda and then you too will be isolated.

The Asian mindset is one based in honor and shame. The key to Kim Jong Un is to shame him non stop to lose face.

Thanks to the great leader Kim Jong Un our empty rice bowls are full.

Part of the limited attention lies in the age-old Asian custom of secrecy, silence, and shame. From an Asian addict’s perspective, it’s the ultimate blow of humiliation to be seen as weak since having an addiction goes against Asian social norms.

There is a vast difference between the western media calling Kim Jong Un fat and making fun of his hair, compared to telling the Koreans in the north who have radios, the facts of what their dark lives are.

North Korea, like the South is divided up into classes of people as in England. They are a good people, sound thinking and understanding. Informing them of what they know and reinforcing the empty rice bowls and the regime is not handing out laptops as they do in the South, produces a message where the Sunbae speaks to the North Koreans to the Hobae.
Place a Korean clan leader from the North, or the son of the brother Kim assassinated, as a speaking platform, giving full power to the reality that Kim Jong Un is a Hoobae, as defined by the Sunbae, and this progresses to an issue of Kim Jong Un is making up for his lack of penis size for nuclear missiles.

In simple psychological operation define Kim Jong Un as the person who has dishonored all of North Korea and Kim Jong Style is not Gangnam Style.

  • Sunbae(선배, 先輩) is a word that refers to people with more experience (at work, school, etc), and hoobae(후배, 後輩) refers to people with less experience. Generally, hoobaes have to use jondaetmal(존댓말, honorific language) to sunbaes, meaning they have to speak very politely and treat them with respect.
This might be kind of confusing for people of American culture, since there’s no such thing as honorific language or the whole sunbae and hoobae ideas in any of the industry. At work, there’s a boss, and there are your co-workers.

The following are the forensic psychology of the South Korean, and it explains the North Korean, because the base structures in the psychology are still the same. Except Kim Jong Un and military with AK 47's have replaced the elder respect of Korean culture.


As one of the most important key aspect of the Korean culture, which influences the way to do business in South Korea significantly,
Kibun does not have direct English translation. It basically means a mood or feeling of balance and good behavior (Chaney and Martin, 2011).  In South Korea, people are continuously trying to maintain the environment of  stable  Kibun,  both  in  personal  life  and  business  world.  People  are  willing  to  maintain  their  own 
Kibun as  well  as  others’. It is not polite to disturb others’ Kibun. For this aspect of Korean culture, it is much about the feelings of others (Southerton,  2008).    People  tend  to  do  things  with  the  respect  of  others’  opinions  and  feelings,  and  sometime  avoid 
saying  “no”  or  bad  news,  to  prevent  hurting  others’  Kibun.

In  South  Korea,  the  way  of  paying  attention  to  others’  non-verbal  and  body  languages,  as  well  as  the  tones  of 
what they say is Nunchi.  The translation of Nunchi is eye measure. In other words,
Nunchi is the ability to determine another  person’s  Kibun  by  using  the  eye  (Southerton,  2008).


Another key principle of South Korean business culture is Inhwa, which is defined as harmony. As a collectivist society, consensus is an important element in promoting and maintaining harmony in South Korea. 
Inhwa was drawn from  Confucian  beliefs,  and  stresses  harmony  between  people,  especially  unequals.  Usually  Koreans  like  to  give  positive answers and avoid or reluctant to give direct refusals. They do not want to hurt the harmonious environment by
giving negative answers or refusing others to cause face losing.
Inhwa usually exists in unequals of rank, prestige and power.  In  the  business  world,  this  term  requires  that  subordinates  be  loyal  to  their  superiors  and  that  superiors  be 
concerned with the well-being of subordinates
In  South  Korea,  people  believe  that  a  person  owes  total  loyalty  to  parents  and  authority  figures,  notably  rulers,  elders, and organizational leaders, as well as those who are in high hierarchical rankings in their hierarchy. Therefore, workers see themselves as they owe the same loyalty to their employers and supervisors as to their parents and family

Korean Confucianism and Collectivism

Confucianism permeates the Korean life. It influences both
 the personal lives and business world in a high extent.
Confucianism is an ancient Chinese way of thought that has spread through much of East Asia, and it is often described as  a  religion,  which  is  not  completely  right.    It  is  indeed
 a way of life.  Kung Fu-Tzu, known in Western countries as Confucius, lived in China around 500 BC. He was a teacher who offered his students a system of order during a period when  China  was  disrupted  by  warfare  (Kim,  2009;  Smyth,  Wang  and  Hwee,  2000). 
He  had  five  moral  disciplines  to  govern  the  five  human  relationships:  (1)  Justice  and  righteousness  should  mark  the  relations  between  sovereign  and  subject;  (2)  There  should  be  proper  rapport  between  father  and  son;  (3)  Separation  of  function  between  husband  and  wife;  (4)  The  younger  should  give  precedence  to  the  elder;  and  (5)  Faith  and  trust  should  reign  over  relationships  between friends (Kim, 2009; Smyth, Wang and Hwee, 2000). In short, the five disciplines indicate the five relationships of ruler and subject, parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and friend and friend. Confucianism stresses duty, loyalty, honor, filial piety, respect for age an
d seniority, and sincerity (Cho and Yoon, 2001; Von Gilnow,
Huo and Lowe, 1999). 
In general, Confucianism influences South Korean society very much in many different ways, such as the status, social  contacts,  relationships  with  others,  etc.  For  example,  Korean  status  is  determined  by  age,  gender,  education,  family  background,  wealth,  occupation,  and  political  ideology.

Personal Relationships for Doing Business
In  South  Korea,  the  personal  relationships  are  essential  for  doing  business,  and  usually  established  before  the  beginning of the business process. In order to be successful, it is vital to establish good personal relationships based on
mutual trust and benefit. Korean business culture is firmly grounded in respectful rapport (Southerton, 2008).  In order to  establish  the  personal  relationships,  it  is  very  helpful  to  be  introduced  by  a  mutual  friend  or  acquaintance  at  the 
appropriate  level.

In South Korea, introduction by a friend or a person in a company that you are working with is very important.
Meeting  the  right  people  in  a  company  almost  always  depends  on  having  the  right  introduction  (Chaney  and  Martin, 
2011).  As discussed before in this paper, personal relationships are one of the key cultures in doing business in Korea.
Introduction  by  a  third  party  is  one  of  the  personal  relationships.  Koreans  are  more  comfortable  doing  business  with  those who they know and trust. Introduction by a third party implies to Koreans that the person/company they will work with are trustable, and thus, the business relationships between them could be more solid and last longer. 

In  South  Korea,  greeting  is  one  of  the  steps  that  businessmen  do  not  want  to  skip.  It  usually  happens  after  the  introduction. The usual greeting between men is a bow, accompanied by a handshake. To show respect, the left hand is placed  below  the  right  forearm  while  shaking  hands.


In South Korea, the eldest initiates activities, especially entering a room, greeting and eating. The person of lower status bows to the one of higher status.
Senior persons are seated at the center of tables and always have their food served first, with subordinates waiting and eating later.

The entire aspect of North Korea is not to remove him, as any coup in the North by the military would bring a more unstable and daring aggression than Un has been tactically employing in brilliant strategy. One does not want to trigger war, which Kim would not initiate, without the Americans being distracted in other areas with major Chicom and Russian battles, nor does one want to progress what is being progressed now by the media in a nuclear terror attack on an American city, and blaming Un.
There are far too many clients of the Obama regime who had 8 years to build things and have reason to use those weapons against America, in order to occupy the Trump White House to not make America Great Again, and the cartel is moving to force Donald Trump in a nuclear 9 11 moment to make war with Russia.

This is General Edward Lansdale protocols as he implemented in Vietnam. If one amplifies this with a host of LG South Korean CIA smart phones with unlimited internet access and phone calls, just imagine what the effect would have.
Is it better to let Kim waste resources on his hydrogen bombs and rockets while the correct response is subverting the North Korean citizens with decadent fake news for a few hundred million in internet.......compared to another trillion dollar war?

Those are the bonafides, and of course would have been so much better if the President had sent one of his Don jr. children to discuss things in encrypted communications where all of this could have been laid out in private for full effect.

It is one dimensional to begin a policy by threatening war.  The President is being ill advised again in dangerous policy situations.

Placing China in the mix as the one calling for negotiations while America calls for war, is not the correct propaganda policy. North Korea is China's problem child to inflict upon America and relying on China is akin to trusting a Chinaman not to slit your throat over a business deal.

Trump vows to stop NKorea...


USA could act alone...

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