Monday, April 10, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is no doubt that from the lips of babes like popular girls and beefy Steve Bannon boys, are heard the reality in the human herd, that one just knows when one sees a fag or a cuck, and by instinct the words just come out.

In this new political reality, a new definition has come into play in IVANKUCKED.

See when you look at Jared Kushner, you just know he is a CUCK as in Cuckold.

There is his wife being berated by fag street toughs and Jared just stands there enjoying it, as he gets off on even limp fags mixing it up with his wife, because as a cuck he can not handle her.

Then there was the photo of Ivanka dripping wet over that communist from Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, and then she went on a date with him to New York as she put her husband on a plane with her father to Tennessee.

That is just cucked and it is IVANKUCKED.

We witnessed IVANKUCKED again in Syria, when Ivanka saw fake news blaming Syria for chemical weapon's attacks, which were Turkish chemicals in their al Qaeda hands making chemical bombs which were NOT SARIN, but none of that mattered as Ivanka who likes throwing little boys out of schools and jobs, and putting little girls into those places, immediately started Twittering and the next thing you know she had daddy IVANKUCKED in he was bombing Assad of Syria, which in turn emboldened ISIS to murder Christians on Palm Sunday in Egypt, but cause and effect do not matter, because this is Ivanka Trump and the IVANKUCKED EFFECT.

In Syria, President Donald Trump was IVANKUCKED, just like his wimpy son in law, the cuck Kushner.

It is the political reality in America, that Kushner sends out his nigger knocking internet troll squad to bush Christians into line for not appreciating the President not keeping his word to them over Syria, because all that matters now is Ivanka runs her West Wing Cabal blowing up Syrian babies over dead Syrian babies, as United States domestic and foreign policy is all IVANKUCKED.

Want Obamacare repealed? Nope you been IVANKUCKED.

Want a job? Nope you been IVANKUCKED.

Want peace with Russia? Nope you been IVANKUCKED.

Want a tax break? Nope you been IVANKUCKED.

Want your brilliant son to have a good education? Nope you been IVANKUCKED.

Yes it is daddy's girl neutralizing the American voting majority and the oligarchs, because all that matters is what Ivanka wants, and America now has a political reality that the President has been IVANKUCKED.

Have you been  #IVANKUCKED today?