Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump Dynasty January 20th, 2017 - April 6th, 2017.

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One week can change the world, as much as one missile salvo into Syria, and that is the amazing thing about Trump Dynasty, because as the week of April Fools began, there were stories pushed about Ivanka Trump running for President in 2024 and stories about Don jr. running for Governor of New York, and then came the next seven days of the intrapolitical war for Jared and Ivanka Kushner leading the West Wing Democrats against the Steve Bannon Nationals at the White House, and suddenly Ivanka Policy of blowing up Syrian children to answer for Turkish terrorists poisoning Syrian children.........blamed in President Assad in more Clinton Bush Obama warfare for profit, and the American majority simply looked around and said, "Hey, we didn't vote for this garbage", and in irony those Americans are feeling like Medvedev of Russia in their trust in the Trumps is shattered and they simply do not believe the things the Trumps are telling them, as Ivanka Trump does not give a damn about the American voters, but only about her vaginal war on little boys being replaced by little girls in top paying jobs.

This is a shame to me personally, as I have watched Don jr. and Eric these past months, and they have acquitted themselves magnificently as leaders in America. They are sound gentlemen in not grabbing for power, not posting every 3 minutes on Twitter, not pushing some legislative initiative nor nailing their names to some West Wing door. The short term has revealed that Don and Eric would be fine leaders in American politics, as they have the right stuff. The problem is it is their sister Ivanka who has so tainted the pool, the Republican party, the Trump Presidency, that what would have been a cakewalk for either of them to gain party nominations is going to instead be faced with that same Bushism of, "Ok what are you going to lie about to get elected and then become a goddamned liberal betraying us again once you get power?"

The boy's father was speaking all the right things to Americans who gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. The President though now has a repeated situation where first they came for the Loyalists like Corey Lewandowski, then they came for the Christians in banning them from cabinet posts, then they came for RINO's like Priebus, and now it is the Nationalists like Bannon, and the one group that keeps growing in power are these Shylock leftists.

There is not going to be a solution to this, as Ivanka Trump has already shattered the Trump base and she will shatter the GOP. She is being used now by the Clinton, Bush and Obama coup plotters to get the old man to go on the Neocon leash, but she will be thrown out like Evita Peron, the minute the heir apparents appear.

It would have been a sound dynasty in Don and Eric Trump guiding America, and perhaps Baron too, as Melania is one of thee most astute talents in minds in America, but now the dynasty has ended before it began.

The President failed at Obamacare 2.0 and blamed Conservatives and attacked them. The President then abandoned Americans to rationed death. His choice of Supreme Court is just some more sodomite progression against the Will of God, and 80% pure wine with 20% excrement is still something that will be getting your stomach pumped.

Trust is an issue for Americans and Russians that once it is broken, it is never repaired. It is a political adultery which there is no remedy for. Americans are learning that either President Trump is shortsighted or is ignorant of intelligence and is easily manipulated. Those are qualities which people notice and once the electorate begins to understand that bombing Syria was not the issue, but bombing Syria while Russia was there is the issue, then this begins condensing down to the words of "stupid" and "idiot".

Bill Clinton has the luxury of a bribe economy to get away with rape. Obama had the cover of no one wanting to admit they screwed the pooch in handing power over to an idiot with black skin. Donald Trump has none of that cover and has the worst of liabilities as Clinton could ignore his kid brother Roger being a doper, because he was not in the White House, but it is impossible to not ignore the press posing Ivanka putting her leftist brand on the Trump White House.

This Jehu we have is coming true to form in threatening at home and failing abroad. Yes let us donate our salary to the US Park Service, instead of returning the confiscated lands to their owners, and disarming all of them and handing their weapons out to Americans, as the majority are fired.

The few splendid moments of the excuses for Donald Trump have ended, except for the MOGS and minders cheering starting a war with Russia, in absolute failed policy. That translates to the end of the political careers of the Trump children. They had promise but Ivanka shattered that promise with her machinations, and it all is a reality that the Trump Dynasty began on January 20th, 2017 and ended in a missile salvo by Ivanka on April 6th, 2017.

If only my hope that Don jr. and Eric were advisers to the President, as they knew how to conduct themselves for their father's and America's interests had prevailed, but the boys knew their place as the elder sister grabbed all the toys as daddy never says no to the little princess.

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