Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lame Cherry Economic Solution Which Does Not Cost A Dime

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry called for an energy summit by Donald Trump in December.


The Lame Cherry outlined a strategic national coal reserve to purchase coal from coal producing states in order to kick start the economy and bring these reserves online as coal plants being constructed would require this fuel.


Seven years ago in one of the first acts of the Obama regime to destroy the coal industry, Birther Obama mandated that local utilities PURCHASE 40% of their electricity from wind farms which drove up electric rates by doubling them, and soon tripling them.
While these wind farms are being subsidized by taxpayers, because wind can not pay for itself as the technology breaks down and it simply is twice as expensive as coal.


The zzzzzzzzzzz's are sound of snoring from Washington DC, as President Donald Trump has done nothing to rescind the Obama mandates, release coal from the Obama death grip, and begin the process of brining old coal plants back online to fill in the gap and DRIVE DOWN CONSUMER ENERGY PRICES.

President Trump seems to have time when it matters on Paul Ryan chamber of commerce, Jared Kushner China bribes, Mike Pence filling in the staff for when these traitors impeach President Trump.........but for some reason Energy Sec. Rick Perry, only has  time to read the Drudge Report.

If President Trump wants to give Americans a TAX BREAK, then his first step is to rebuild the energy grid in building 50 coal fired plants across America, which will drive down electricity prices in a 600 to 6000 dollar per year cost deflation in every Citizen's Electric Bill.

I praise the President for stopping Obama regulations on the American car industry, but he has not gone far enough on that either. Until America rolls back to a 1966 Ford Mustang with a 289 engine and carb, with placing lead back into American gasoline for octane, America is not free of the globalist death grip.
If California has smog, too damn bad, because the rest of America could run 57 Chevies and you would never notice anything about exhaust. America has been bankrupted because of that goddamned liberal state making the rest of America pay for 30,000 dollar cars, when the fact is if the President reinstated those economy cars of the 1960's which ran for 30 years, and cost 10,000 dollars NEW, as they could today without all those damned regulations. America would be on it's feet again with huge amounts of personal wealth to spare again.

One can not just build a coal fired plant overnight. It takes around 3 years, so perhaps we should have focusing on this from Day One, and perhaps we should have focused on wiping out the Obama mandates on this green energy which is robbing every American, and perhaps we should have rolled back the EPA standards to 1960 as America full of Mustangs with 289 engines would be the answer to 70% of America's economic problems.

I know President Trump is not going to take me up on this, but I offer to work for free for one year, under his mandate that I will not be stopped by his Secretaries at EPA, Interior or Energy, and I will get this done in the shadows in not requiring a confirmation hearing. The President can take all the credit for it, but all I want is for American to stop being robbed in their electric, their gas tanks, and have them all be able to afford a new car which this project will accomplish, as it costs none of us anything, and by saving money for consumers they have billions more to spend and that creates an economic boom.

It is on  the table Mr. President. God put you into DC to get things done, and while you have been busy, you are not hitting this hard enough nor in the right places, as your insiders are protecting their interests in the oligarchs.

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