Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mr. President, Perhaps You Should Read the Couscous on the Wall

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Trump is being deluged by fake intelligence as in his Pissgate file, and is being led by Trumpenfuror Ivanka and other assets in the US Government who are intent on installing another cartel terrorist to lead Damascus Syria.

Perhaps President Trump should take a step back, before he begins experiencing real Russian retaliation for his actions, and consider why he is now in bed politically with two  terrorists creators in John McCain and Lindsey Graham who want to start nuclear World War IV with Russia.

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham issued a joint statement Thursday calling for military action, recommending an international coalition "to ground Assad's air force."
"We agree with the President that Assad has crossed a line with his latest use of chemical weapons. The message from the United States must be that this will not stand. We must show that no foreign power can or will protect Assad now. He must pay a punitive cost for this horrific attack," they said.

I will repeat, in history in Teddy Roosevelt's time, it was not American business what any nation did within it's borders. The only business was what American did within her borders and if any Eurasians were harming the American Sphere.
In George Washington's time, the President warned of NOT getting involved in foreign intrigue, and that is exactly what President Trump is now being led to.

Inquiry pointed to this was Turkish munitions which were detonated by a Syrian strike on those chemicals. This is not the American problem in President Assad in what he is doing. AMERICA'S PROBLEM IS THE OBAMA MCCAIN ISIS TERRORISTS PERIOD.
Mr. President keep your word and wipe out ISIS and do not become involved in regime change.

Mr. President you are far too extended in this, in Kushner exposing you to diplomatic defeat over the fiction of Mideast Peace, and humiliation as in one misstep in the 1000 man line of US Soldiers against millions of Muslims, with Russia and China will have America looking at her retreat and Russians flying their flags over American bases the United States evacuated.

Sec. Tillerson was correct days ago that the US would work for stability under Assad, and suddenly chemical weapons appear and now Mr. President because of fake intelligence and your Trumpenfuror you are talking about Mattis blowing up MORE chemical weapon's depots which will cause WMD spread, as munitions are being moved and you have to realize that there are already scenarios that the moment you strike, you are going to be blamed for some vapor cloud gassing 5000 villagers somewhere.
You have made a mistake Mr. President in showing your hand, and not making peace with Vladmir Putin.

Step back Mr. President and stop being goaded by the fake news and your Trumpenfuror and Dummkopf or there will be a whirlwind to be reaped as this escalates. Americans voted for you to GET US TO HELL OUT OF THIS QUAGMIRE and not to start bombing all these new targets.

You have made a mistake Mr. President and you continue to be sucked into greater mistakes, as you have absolutely no counsel which is telling you to follow George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt. If you check Mr. President, Andrew Jackson did not get involved in Eurasian Wars either, but focused on securing America within her borders.

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